Student Spotlight: Humza Tariq

BHP Junior, Humza Tariq, is the founder and president of the Texas Sports Analytics Group and co-chair for both the Texas Undergraduate Investment Team and the BHP Ethics Board. While balancing three internships, he has received University Honors for the past two years and is a Distinguished College Scholar. You created your own student organization, […]

Summer Internship | Student Spotlight: Allison Kubis

Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers Position: Advisory Intern, Management Consulting in the Technology, Information, Communication, and Entertainment Vertical and Finance Horizontal. What did you expect to gain from your internship this past summer? I hoped to gain some insight into the consulting world. How it is working for a client, the typical work/life balance, etc. I previously had an internship with […]

Summer Internship | Student Spotlight: Benedikt Kroll

Company: Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Position: Sales & Trading Rotational Intern What did you expect to gain from your internship with Goldman Sachs? I expected to gain a better understanding of international markets, a broader exposure to global capital movements and a more quantitative approach to forming and expressing trade ideas. Did the internship meet or […]