Alumni Spotlight: Laura Olivier, General Manager for DEFINE: Dubai

Laura Olivier Featured: Living Abroad, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Laura Olivier, BHP 2011, thought she wanted to be a lawyer, but life had other plans for her. After stints as an English teacher in Spain, working in store operations for Lululemon in Australia, and transitioning into a marketing role in Dubai, she is now running a lifestyle and fitness center (DEFINE) in Dubai. Life takes twists and turns when […]

Faculty Spotlight: Ram Ranganathan – General Management and Strategy

Written by Megan Tran-Olmsted Professor Ram Ranganathan has travelled throughout the globe on various career expeditions. While he began his career in his home country of India, Professor Ranganathan has settled in the U.S. in various states to pursue his passions, exploring the intersectionality of the science of strategy, business management, and finally, academia. Professor […]

Faculty Spotlight: Leigh McAlister – Principles of Marketing

Written by Maddy Rock, BHP Sophomore Professor Leigh McAlister teaches Principles of Marketing (MKT 337H) for the Business Honors Program. She attended the University of Oklahoma before pursuing her M.S. and Ph.D. from Stanford University. Now, Professor McAlister is a highly-recognized researcher in her field, and brings her passion for her work to the classroom […]

Student Spotlight: Arjun Menta

Many college students have hobbies outside of class. Sophomore Arjun Menta just happens to spend his leisure time finding ways to save the world. Double majoring in BHP and biochemistry, Menta came to the 40 Acres with a passion for developing low-cost medical solutions. “There’s a whole field of science called frugal science,” Menta said. […]