Alumni Spotlight: Shara Ticku

Shara Ticku Featured: Banking, Sustainable Technology, Healthcare Industry, MBA Shara Ticku is the co-founder and CEO of C16 Biosciences, which uses microbiology to brew a sustainable alternative to palm oil. Previously, Shara worked at Goldman Sachs before attending Harvard Business School for her MBA. She graduated from McCombs in 2010 with degrees in Business Honors […]

Alumni Spotlight: Ethan Perez – Software Engineer, Peloton

Ethan Perez Featured: Sports/Fitness, Technology, Computer Science, Graduate School Ethan Perez is a software engineer at Peloton Interactive, where he works to bring the company‚Äôs fitness content to the web. Previously, Ethan was a software engineer at DraftKings, a daily online fantasy sports contest platform. He graduated from McCombs in 2016 with degrees in BHP […]

Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Lin – Vice President of eCommerce and Marketing, Bastide

Michelle Lin Featured: Beauty/Fashion, Marketing, Entrepreneurship Michelle Lin is the Vice President of eCommerce and Marketing for Bastide, a French beauty start-up. Previous to starting Bastide, Michelle built her marketing expertise at Procter & Gamble. She graduated from BHP in 2009 with degrees in Finance and English, and went on to earn her M.B.A at […]