Be a Community Tax Centers Volunteer

Make a difference in YOUR community – volunteer to impact 20,000 families!

At the Community Tax Centers, volunteers help low-income families claim millions of dollars in tax refunds and credits. By providing free income tax preparation services, IRS certified volunteers give working families a chance to build a financial future. For the 2010 tax season, we need over 600 volunteers to reach our goal of completing 20,000 tax returns and putting $29 million back into the pockets of those who need it most.

What is takes to volunteer:
• Complete 8 hours of New Volunteer Training
• A commitment of just 3hrs/wk, or a total of 36 hours, between January and April
• CPE credits are offered for CPA’s that receive their IRS certification and volunteer the 36 hours requested
• A desire to give back to YOUR community

There are 9 conveniently located tax centers throughout Austin, including one in Round Rock. For more information, other ways to volunteer, and to sign up to volunteer visit or e-mail

Jan. 5th-9th, 2010 – New York Company Visits

The Undergraduate Business Council presents New York Company Visits from Jan. 5th-Jan. 9th, 2010. We will be visiting companies on Wednesday, Jan. 6th and Thursday, Jan. 7th. You should apply today, because there are a number of reasons this trip is unique:

1. We are flexible with the schedule and can accommodate your needs. We will be charging $165 for hotel expenses and allow you to book your flights individually. Because the trip is over Christmas break, you may want to leave from and return to your hometown. We are willing to assist you with your travel plans; for instance, there is a roundtrip flight leaving Austin and arriving at the La Guardia airport for a very reasonable $225.

2. Because we are visiting over the Christmas holidays, there is no burden of school work to interfere with the New York experience. The trip is also strategically timed as the week preceding “Super Week,” when all the investment banking and consulting interviews will take place on campus. This opportunity will give you a networking advantage if you are planning to apply for investment banking and other OCR positions. You will be able to use fresh examples in your interviews to explain why your time in New York gave you new insights into the industry.

3. We have confirmed visits with three top investment banks: Jefferies, Greenhill, and JPMorgan. We are also working on confirming a boutique investment firm and a consulting firm. Most organization’s company field trips only visit 2-4 companies, but we are offering an opportunity to visit 6.

4. In addition to the amazing company advantages, we are organizing a fun and beneficial alumni dinner for Wednesday night. You will have the chance to interact with UT alumni and get personal insights into the world of New York industries.

To recap this fantastic offer – you have the opportunity to spend 4 days in New York for under $400, visit 6 companies the week before “Super Week” interviews and spend time with UT alumni in New York. Sign up at today!

BBA Students Receive Scholarship to Study Abroad in Asia

The BBA International Programs office is pleased to announce that four McCombs BBA students studying abroad next Spring on a BBA exchange program were each recently awarded a $5,000 scholarship to study abroad in Asia. Students were awarded the Hanyang Endowed Excellence Scholarship to study at partner universities in both Hong Kong and Shanghai, China. The scholarship recipients included:

  • Trevor Ohman, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Michael Allen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Henry Le, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Erkang Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univeristy

The Hanyang Endowed Excellence Scholarship application was available to UT students planning to study abroad in East or Southeast Asia during the Spring 2010 semester. The awards were merit-based and ranged between $3,000 and $7,000 dollars.

For more information about study abroad opportunities on the BBA exchange program, please visit