Student Spotlight: Oscar Lopez

Majors: Canfield BHP

Company: Google

Position: Public Policy Fellow for Public Knowledge

Topics of Interest: Tech Policy, Artificial Intelligence, Economics, Copyright Regulations

Technology moves fast. I mean, really fast! Not too long ago, people were taking pictures with hand-held cameras. Instead, we use our phones today. Now we have a crazy amount of technology available right at our fingertips. It’s a scary but awesome idea, isn’t it? From self-driving cars to AI at home, there’s a tech-revolution going on whether we like it or not!

Oscar Lopez is a sophomore and Canfield BHP major. Over the summer he held an internship with the Google Public Policy Fellowship in Washington, D.C. The program offers undergraduate, graduate, and law students interested in Internet and technology policy the opportunity to spend the summer contributing to the public dialogue on these issues, and exploring future academic and professional interests. Because Oscar is from my hometown of Laredo, Texas, I listened eagerly as he spoke about his experience at the fellowship and his learnings on how the tech industry has changed and will continue to change moving forward. I also wanted to know how these changes will affect a small town like Laredo. Continue reading

On Diversity & Inclusion at McKinsey & Company by CBHP Alum Nicole Chu

Nicole Chu

: BBA Canfield BHP, Management Information Systems; BA Plan II Honors

Graduated: 2016

Current Employer: McKinsey & Company

Current Title: Senior Business Analyst, currently doing a fellowship with McKinsey’s All In, Diversity & Inclusion team

The summer after my freshman year at UT, I participated in the BBA Business Law program in Edinburgh. People often claim that studying abroad can be a transformative experience–and for me, it was. I loved exploring Scotland, I met great friends, and–in the middle of a lecture on torts–it dawned on me that, contrary to what I’d believed for years, I didn’t want to go to law school.

So, in the fall of my sophomore year, I went back to the drawing board on careers. Looking back, I discovered consulting almost by accident. I took a summer internship at a consulting firm not knowing what to expect. That’s where I discovered that consulting involved many things I’d loved about the idea of practicing law–client service, critical thinking, and crafting narratives. I also fell in love with the collaborative nature of the work and the fact that it often required quantitative analysis (I’ve always been a data geek at heart).

For my post-junior year internship, I narrowed my focus to consulting. I spent that next summer as an intern with McKinsey’s Houston office. For ten weeks, I worked with an amazing team helping a retail client develop its five-year growth strategy. When I received an offer to return to McKinsey after graduation, I signed it on the spot. Continue reading

New to Texas? Here Are 5 Ways to be a Successful Canfield BHPer by Katherine Wu

Students from the Canfield Business Honors Program pose for headshots outside the McCombs School of Business on May 14, 2019. Photo by Lauren Gerson DeLeon.

Check out these five ways to be a successful Canfield BHPer! Student, Katherine Wu explains below:

If you think you know what you want to do after college, great! If not, also great!

There are so many resources for both ends of the spectrum! In the first business honors class freshmen take during fall semester—BA 101H—there are so many resources, seminars, and activities you do that can clarify your interests and potential career paths. However, if you’re really set on a certain career path, I would highly recommend taking advantage of the amazing resource that is Greta Fenley! She is the Canfield BHP career advisor that has an abundant amount of connections and can connect you with alumni who are in your field of interest.

Please join clubs/get involved on campus!!

I really can’t stress this enough! It’s also always great to have a mix of on-campus involvements—one great piece of advice my peer mentor gave me freshman year was to have interactions with both business-related and non-business organizations. Getting involved provides you with community here on campus, and some clubs can also be an avenue for career help.  Some orgs can provide early education, mentorship, and helpful tips for recruiting. I came into UT knowing pretty much nothing about these clubs, and if it wasn’t for older friends at UT who had advice, I probably would have been clueless.

Continue reading