Alumni Spotlight: Maya Josiam

Maya Josiam Headshot

Canfield BHP alum, Maya Josiam, graduated in May 2018 with her degree in Finance. After graduating, Maya started working in Dallas as a management consultant at Oliver Wyman, where she focused on cases across a variety of industries ranging from manufacturing and financial services to education. It was there in the education space that Maya further fueled her passion for education. Nowadays, Maya is a middle school math teacher and full-time student pursuing her master’s degree. We caught up with Maya to hear more about her transition.

 “I was actually at Oliver Wyman for almost two years. I started in 2018 and left at the end of June, this past year, to start a master’s program in teaching at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. Currently, while enrolled in that full-time master’s program, I am also an apprentice teacher, which is just fancy talk for being a student-teacher at a Philadelphia middle school, where I teach sixth grade math and science.”

What helped to inspire you to make the pivot to education and become a teacher?

The education practice at Oliver Wyman really does a lot of different things across education, all the way from pre-K through college and even things like professional education and vocational education. I had done a lot of work and a ton of different projects across the education space in my second year. 

The pivot to education, for me, has been a long time coming. Even when I was at UT, I spent a lot of time working in the UTeach Outreach program, which is an awesome education program that UT has on campus. All of my internship experience was in the education space, and I knew long term that I wanted to work in education. After doing two years of consulting, and after a year of that time being in the education space, it felt like the right time to make a career transition into a more direct form of education, which for me, was teaching. I knew if I wanted to do anything in the larger education space outside of consulting, I needed to be a teacher first. The way I decided to pursue becoming a teacher was getting certified through a master’s degree program where I would also have the ability to teach in a real classroom. Continue reading

Internship Spotlight: Nihar Tatapudi at Amazon

Nihar Tatapudi posing for a professional headshot

Nihar Tatapudi

Class: Junior  Major/Minor: Canfield BHP and Finance/Educational Psychology  Certificate: Risk Management
Internship: Financial Analyst Intern  Company: Amazon

Topics of Interest: Consulting, Finance, and Risk Management

Nihar Tatapudi is a Canfield BHP junior majoring in Finance and minoring in Educational Psychology while pursuing a certificate in Risk Management. Born in Detroit, Michigan, this avid Cowboys fan comes to us from Dallas, Texas where he grew up for the last ten years. Inspired by his big brother (also a UT alum), Nihar found his home away from home here at the Forty Acres.

Over the summer, Nihar completed an internship at Amazon as a Financial Analyst Intern. He shares his experience on working remotely for the first time and gives us a front-row seat looking into Amazon’s response to the growing demand amid a lingering pandemic and how he navigated much of the logistics behind the scenes.

Tell us why you wanted to intern for Amazon.

I think it’s almost a no brainer, right? It’s the world’s largest company. How do you say no? I was able to find out the opportunity through two different avenues. One, my professional journey on campus, Delta Sigma Pi. Two, Stephanie Cantu who is an academic advisor for Canfield BHP. She helped me get my foot in the door by talking with the recruiter and the next thing you know, I’m going through the interview process. 

The reason I chose this specific program is that I had an interest in corporate finance when I was a sophomore. I wasn’t too sure what the field entailed but I knew as a finance major, that it’d be nice to get some exposure there and it just seemed like a program that hadn’t hired sophomores before. I was going to be the first sophomore they hired, which was intimidating but at the same time, it looked like something that I could have a lot of fun with and learn from, especially in such a fast-paced environment. With things being virtual, getting to see the world’s biggest company operate during a pandemic was one experience that I will never forget. Continue reading

Internship Spotlight: Rebeccah Musson at PepsiCo

Headshot for CBHPeer Rebeccah Musson

Rebeccah Musson

Class: Senior  Major(s): Canfield BHP and Marketing  Certificate: Sports Media  Internship: E-Commerce Intern  Company: PepsiCo

Topics of Interest: Brand Marketing, Sports Marketing, and E-Commerce

As a rising senior and marketing major pursuing a sports media certificate, Canfield BHPeer Rebeccah Musson shows us that perseverance and patience pay off. Born in the great state of Texas and raised in the Chapel Hill-Durham area of North Carolina, Rebeccah comes to us as a seasoned veteran who has dealt with change for most of her life. We caught up with Rebeccah on her experience with PepsiCo and to talk about how she has coped with working remotely after a successful summer as an E-Commerce Intern.

Starting her recruitment process off on the right foot was a bit dicey. Rebeccah admits having to do more leg work than her peers but finding alums with marketing backgrounds to get their insights on recruiting for a company like Pepsi was a task she was ready to take on.

“Recruiting for marketing is a little bit more difficult than some of the other majors. There are not as many companies that are coming to campus [for marketing], at least not to the extent of consulting for example. Within Canfield BHP, marketing is a smaller major. It took a bit of extra work to reach out to people who are marketing majors and to get their insights on how to recruit. It proved not to be too difficult once I got into it.”  Continue reading

Internship Spotlight: Liam Baskin at Bain and Company

Liam Baskin Headshot

Liam Baskin

Class: Senior  Major(s): Canfield BHP/Plan II  Internship: Associate Consulting Intern  Company: Bain and Company

Topics of Interest: Consulting and Intellectual Property

Let’s talk about consulting. Many of our students are passionate about the profession but we also understand that navigating the dos and don’ts of a new internship in consulting while working remotely can sometimes be quite arduous. We recently caught up with Liam Baskin, a Canfield BHP rising senior also majoring in Plan II Honors who completed an internship with Bain and Company over the summer while working remotely. 

While Liam’s interests lead to a consulting career, his path is not a lonely one. He and his sister Terrill, also a Canfield BHPeer and Plan II student, share similar passions in consulting and work at competing firms. “She’s at BCG and I’m at [Bain and Company]. We recruited together and we’ve been through the exact same thing for pretty much three years, which has been interesting.” Liam says.

As an Associate Consulting Intern at Bain and Company, Liam trained for two weeks and was quickly “plugged” into a case at the firm. “My case is probably a little bit less conventional because I’m not working for a client. I’m doing IP (Intellectual Property) work for [Bain and Company] so they are my client.” Liam explained.  Continue reading

Student Spotlight: Samantha Bryant and Arushi Mathavan

Samantha Bryant and Arushi Mathavan headshot hero image

Names: Samantha Bryant and Arushi Mathavan

Class: Samantha (Senior), Arushi (Junior)

Position: WEL Institute Student Advisory Board Members

Topics of Interest: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Social Impact, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Mentorship

In June, the Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute (WEL Institute) at UT announced its inaugural Student Advisory Board. Twenty-one undergraduate and two graduate student leaders were chosen to head the institute that empowers women to lead. The WEL Institute seeks to “strengthen the next generation of courageous, creative female leaders who will change the world – in business and beyond.”

We’re excited to report that two of our own Canfield BHPeers, Samantha Bryant and Arushi Mathavan, were selected to be part of its Student Advisory Board—no doubt, ensuring the board starts on a strong note. At the time of writing this post, the WEL Institute is having an election for the Student Advisory Board President and Samantha is currently a candidate in the running. Continue reading