TVL Practicum Info Sessions

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TVL Practicum Spring 2021 Header.pngJoin the Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs team for an info session on our JBTVL Practicum. Learn how graduate students participating in this elective can earn course credit while getting hands-on experience with our JBTVL Accelerator startups, expand their knowledge base and their networks, and become strong leaders in their future careers. Info sessions run from Sept. 30 through Oct. 22.

The JBTVL Practicum Class is a cross-campus elective course that teaches graduate students how to work with and consult with startups. You will work in a multi-disciplinary team on a project-driven curriculum that immerses you in market analysis and research, teaches about early-stage ventures, and provides a framework for strategically thinking through business problems to directly deliver positive outcomes for Austin startups.

Fun fact: the majority of our students come from UT’s non-business colleges and we’ve received positive feedback from students taking the course with an interest in entrepreneurship or consulting projects.  Here is a link for Info Session registration:

Want to cut to the chase and access the program’s student application? Click here:

Announcing the Fall 2020 TVL Accelerator Cohort

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Fall 2020 cohort announcement

Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs proudly welcomes our Fall 2020 TVL Accelerator companies!

Over the summer, JBTVL met and learned from 73 amazing companies from all across Texas in order to select an exciting group of startups to participate in our Fall semester cohort and work with multi-disciplinary teams of graduate students in our TVL Practicum course. The 14 companies that follow represent a diverse range of industries, founders, and technologies, but they all share at least one thing in common. They are all committed to creating amazing learning experiences for UT Austin graduate students while taking their businesses to the next level. We are excited and honored to include them in our portfolio of accelerator companies and look forward to working with them over the next few months!

Let’s meet the startups!


Amma Healing Logo

AMMA Healing produces nutrient-rich hemp extracts for a balanced mind, body, and soul. AMMA’s newest product ELEVATE is an all-natural, organic hemp elixir that offers a mood-enhancing effect to any beverage, providing a perfect way to relax and unwind without alcohol. For those who choose to drink alcohol, ELEVATE offers neuroprotectant and liver detoxifying benefits.BrainCheck logo

BrainCheck provides cognitive healthcare technology to physicians, making it easier for them to assess patients’ cognitive health (major use cases are dementia, concussion, neurological and psychiatric issues, and COVID encephalopathy), and manage their treatment. We also help physicians make money, both in fee-for-service and value-based care models. Current customers include both private practices and enterprise health systems.

Ender logoEnder augments the workflow of property management, enabling managers to do more with less. The complexity of managing institutional real estate requires modern technology. Current real estate tech is plagued with data inconsistency, integration problems, and manual data entry. Instead of plugging into legacy systems, Ender is rebuilding them from the ground up. Accounting, leasing, task management, invoice approvals, reporting, and payments all in one place.

Estabild logoEstabild is an all-in-one cloud-based platform for construction project stakeholders to monitor and consolidate the progress of development in real-time. Estabild increases stakeholder trust during construction development and reduces the risk of cost and schedule overrun.GrooveBuddy logoGrooveBuddy is to musicians – hobbyist to professional – as karaoke is to singers; it is the music play-along app for all. What would you have played if you were a Beatle or a Rolling Stone? For a moment in time, you can be your favorite musician in your favorite song. It’s all possible with GrooveBuddy because everyone can play.Halo Health logoHalo Health Systems is a digital platform that accelerates clinical trials for pharma. Our solution provides telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and workflow automation to streamline data collection and increase access to clinical trials.


Kizen company logoKizen is the #1 next-gen sales, marketing, and experience platform that helps companies drive smarter, faster growth, deliver amazing, personalized customer experiences, and unleash their full potential.Logictry logo

Logictry is an Expert Systems as a Service™ platform that combines real-time learning with decision making to accelerate time to proficiency, productivity, and revenue. Build your own rich and relevant AI by capturing your expert/institutional knowledge in one source and version of the truth with a closed-loop feedback system for quick A/B testing and continuous improvement–without the need for IT.

MOD Tech Labs logoMOD is smarter processing for visual effects. Our SaaS-based production tools enable studios to bring beautiful, immersive content to life faster and more affordably than ever before. Increase workload capacities, free up the creative process, and transform production capabilities with MOD’s simple end-to-end processing ecosystem.

Nephrodite company logoThe Holly™ is a fully implantable, fully mechanical, continuous hemodialysis device that is designed to be a bridge to transplant for eligible patients and/or a destination therapy for transplant-ineligible patients. Inspired by a patient named Holly, Nephrodite’s device serves as a more effective renal replacement therapeutic as it minimizes the impact/burden of treatment, facilitates mobility, and reduces disease maintenance and complications.

Richards Rainwater logoRichard’s Rainwater is the first rainwater and sparkling rainwater bottling business in the USA. Rain is 100x cleaner than the strictest bottled water standards – before we purify it. We harvest rain locally and catch it clean before it has a chance to hit the ground, so we’ll never treat it with chemicals like chlorine, fluoride or ammonia. Our closed-loop process allows us to clean 100% of our rainwater with virtually zero waste.SolGro company logoSolGro produces nanoparticle embedded greenhouse films that increase crop production by shifting the light spectrum. By putting SolGro’s patented material technology onto greenhouses, farmers are able to increase crop yield, quality, and growth speed.Unytag Company logoUnytag is building a mobile solution to give consumers the ability to pay toll road fees using a mobile app anywhere in any vehicle they happen to occupy.Xcite Interactive logoXcite Interactive aims to be the global leader in fan engagement for sports and events worldwide. We have more than 130 customers across five continents and some of our largest customers include FIFA, the NFL, X-Games, iHeartMedia, the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees. Our new interactive platform brings real-time audience engagement and intelligence to both teams, brands and online events.

Learn more about these amazing startups and their founders!

If you want to learn more about these innovative companies, please visit their websites linked in their descriptions and connect with us on social media. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date and, as always, feel free to reach out to us at to inquire about our programs!

Ask-Me-Anything: Startup Practicum for UT Grad Students

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Aug Info Session on JBTVL

We are excited about welcoming our 21st cohort of graduate students into the TVL Practicum! If you are a currently enrolled graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin interested in learning about the startup ecosystem and innovative companies throughout the great state of Texas, join us for this event.

Along with getting real-world experience consulting for startups and working on projects to drive business growth, additional learning opportunities come from a stellar lineup of guest speakers. Throughout the 14-week semester, top entrepreneurs and subject matter specific experts join our class lecture series. These online lectures are part of our TVL Practicum class which is cross-listed in many departments and available for all graduate students from UT Austin.

To learn more about this hands-on opportunity and the benefits grad students get from taking the elective-credit graduate course, join us for a virtual Ask-Me-Anything on August 6 at 2 pm. The final Fall registration window opens on August 21, so this will be a great opportunity to learn about the TVL Practicum and make changes to your Fall schedule.

RSVP here to get the Zoom link.

Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition Schedule of Spring 2020 Competitors

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Semifinals – May 8, 2020

Division I

9:00 AM – Empire Learning
Real estate professionals are required to complete continuing education (CE) in order to renew their license. At Empire Learning, we make CE easy. We are the highest rated online provider in the nation, providing a seamless user experience in 11 states.  John Wheeler, MBA ‘21

9:35 AM -ConsultEd
ConsultEd helps today’s students seamlessly navigate multiple educational systems, into the jobs of tomorrow. ConsultEd’s foundation is built through the use of blockchain to secure student records, machine learning to better inform institutions and policymakers which student pathways are broken, and real-time geographic economic data provided by economist labor reports and investment banking analysts, to shape students major selection. Matthew Parson, MBA ’20

10:10 AM – Find My Fit
A B2B fashion technology plug-in licensed to online retailers that replaces the size guide button by plugging into individual product pages to enable customers to accurately predict their size across any brand using 2 – 3 photos taken on their smartphone. The proprietary technology will analyze the image as data points and marry this information with the fabric composition of the item, the individual’s dimensions/proportions and fit preference to predict size with 90%+ accuracy. Heidi Mackay, MBA ’21; Lindsay Marsh, MBA ‘21

10:45 AM – Actionly
Actionly is a multi-sided platform providing users with small daily actions and connecting them to affiliate products that match the challenges of their daily lifestyle and improve their health and well-being. Clayton Key, MBA ’20

11:20 AM – BarTab
BarTab is a mobile payments platform that vastly improves the bar experience for customers, bars and bartenders by streamlining the drink ordering and tab management process. Users are provided with demographic data and friends’ locations via the platform in order to facilitate social experiences. BarTab also provides real-time analytic data to bars in order to improve decision-making related to pricing and forecasting. Jessica Stenglein, Law ’20; Abby Chua, MS Computer Science ’20; Colin Morris, MBA ’21; Tommy Fang, MBA ‘21

11:55 AM – Nudge Analytics
For K-12 school districts who are facing budget issues caused by low student attendance, Nudge Analytics provides a plug and play solution to reduce truancy. Our platform will use machine learning to identify at-risk students and research-driven messaging to get them back in the classroom. Sam Hogan, MBA ’21; Chuk Orakwue, MBA ‘21

Division II

9:00 AM – iTree
iTree is a shading solution, re-imagining solar power in a beautiful form. It replicates the ecological value of a tree, estimating it will qualify for 1,450 metric tons of C02 credits, addresses instances where urban development limits space for a tree, offers water conservation with a vertical growing bio-skin. The bio-solution is a low maintenance alternative for landscaping, making it an attractive alternative to a tree. Rudy Dunbar, MSTC ‘20; Kailey Euceda, MSTC ‘20; Ashley Duffins, MSTC ‘20; Atif Syed, MSTC ‘20; Christian Quinones, MSTC ‘20

9:35 AM – CooMo Travel
CooMo Travel is an online platform that allows the individual to plan and book their entire trip, from start to finish, while allowing other real users to provide recommendations and suggestions based on their own personal experience. In addition, those that plan their trip through the platform will have the ability to see other travelers that will be traveling to the same cities at the same time, allowing people to potentially meet in real life! Tyler Moyer, MSTC ‘20

10:10 AM – KNX
Everyone has looked at business networking from one way only. As a result, existing social business networking gives a false sense of big network and results in superficial, transactional and inauthentic connections. The KNX APP fosters unprecedented and revolutionary ways of business networking. The job search starts with identifying the best smart matches by location, interest and hobbies to meet on a golf course, yoga class, tennis, at the park while walking the dogs etc. Larisa Olteanu, MBA ‘21

10:45 AM –
For enterprises struggling to monitor and give feedback to their remote employees, offers a HR transformation tool that integrates with their primary modes of communication. It then analyzes the mix of written and video communication to provide development plans for the employees and valuable HR information for the managers. It uses AI deep learning techniques, NLP and Vocal/Facial Analysis. Sean Stallings, MBA ‘21

11:20 AM – StyleTravels
StyleTravels is an AI based technology platform that services customers who need help in planning their style choices during their travels such as outfits to wear, accessories to match including shoes so that customers can enjoy their vacation with less hassle and focus more on doing things they love. Sneha Vyas, MBA ’20

11:55 AM – Tripology
Tripology is a field trip marketplace that exists to empower educational institutions. We are an online platform for field trip providers and field trip planners to market, find, and book and manage educational field trips. Nicole Pennington, MSTC ’20; Robin Reynolds, MSTC ’20; Scott Wentworth, MSTC ’20; Nathan Pena, MSTC ‘20

Division III

9:00 AM – StrongPeople
StrongPeople is a health company. We enhance our customers’ health by consistently delivering a quality gym experience.  John Schenck, MSTC ‘20

9:35 AM – Functional Furniture
Functional Furniture is the home gym designed for your living room. Existing solutions on the market are either unwieldy or impractical for an apartment or are poorly made, unsightly and not versatile. During the era of COVID-19, a new use case emerged – the need for a simple and effective bodyweight-focused home gym to supplement existing exercise activities and enable home training for sport-specific needs. Alexander Darvishian, MBA ‘21

10:10 AM – Helios
Helios makes and sells modern Greek sandals. We redesign timeless Greek styles with modern synthetic materials, creating the first sandal on the market to bridge classic design with modern comfort and functionality. Stuart Smith, MBA ‘21

10:45 AM – Zeus Wild
Our company is developing a solar powered camping tent made from fabric that charges and stores energy during the day to provide self-powered lighting at night. Carlos Colon-Vonarx, MBA ’20; Gokhan Koyuncu, MBA ’20

11:20 AM – Oxymoron Ink
Oxymoron Ink manufactures the world’s first semi-permanent tattoo ink. Millions of people around the world are interested in tattoos, but avoid them because they know they might regret their decision later in life. We solve this problem by offering inks that disappear after 6 months, 9 months or 1 year. These inks are made possible using intellectual property developed at UT Austin. Matthew Miller, Chemical Engineering PhD ‘20

11:55 AM – bruxAway
bruxAway is developing a smart wearable night guard to disrupt the over $10B market of bruxism (unconscious teeth grinding) disorder. One in 5 people suffer from bruxism disorder, but over 80% of people are undiagnosed. We’re solving this through our smart wearable night guard, a custom solution medical-grade night guard designed to protect your teeth and significantly reduce bruxism. It connects to your smartphone and provides analysis of your nightly bruxism behavior and sleeping patterns through an intuitively built app. Sarnab Bhattacharya, Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD ‘22

Division IV

9:00 AM – Allmost Home
Allmost Home is an amenity grocery brand on a mission to empower healthier urban living by making food options more accessible within apartment communities. We build small-footprint, in-building mini-markets which provide personalized grocery selections to building residents at competitive margins, while bringing in additional revenue through partnerships with rental operators. James Wright, MBA ‘21

9:35 AM – Good Apple
Good Apple is an Austin-based produce delivery service on a mission to end food insecurity. We partner with local farmers to rescue produce that would otherwise go unsold. We then operate a 100% locally sourced, organic produce delivery service for paying customers. For every produce box sold, we deliver another box directly to a family in need. Zack Timmons, MD ’21; Alex Wright, MBA /MD ‘21

10:10 AM – Bundle of Joy
At Bundle of Joy, we assist parents by providing more convenient and safe options for taking care of their children while on the go. We do this through a combination of subscription services to the home and daycare as well as conveniently placed vending machines. For those parents who are challenged with the expenses of raising a child, we will donate one diaper for every Bundle of Joy kit sold back to the community. Hiroki Mochizuki, MBA ’21; Tyrone Smith, MBA ’21

10:45 AM – Geo Homes
Geo Homes offers a flexible solution to evolving residential needs. Capitalizing on the runaway popularity of detached Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs, otherwise known as granny flats or mother-in-law units), Geo Homes differentiates by offering semi-permanent, ADUs-on-demand. Geo Homes ADUs can be quickly installed, easily removed, continually reused and eliminate permanent alteration to your property. Paul Peterson, MBA ’21; Jonathan Ruud, MBA ’21; Joshua Goodman, MBA ’21; Rahul Sekhar, MBA ‘21

11:20AM – Lost Aisle
Lost Aisle delivers the service and product selection of an upscale corner store in a mobile form factor brought directly to your home. Lost Aisle will offer produce from local farms and pre-made meals from local restaurants. We don’t just deliver your order, we deliver the entire store! Customers can order the Lost Aisle truck to their home as if it were an Uber or schedule a weekly stop to restock the pantry. Destin Douglas, MBA / MS Computer Science ‘21

11:55 AM – Release
University students must often sign 12-month lease contracts, even though the academic year is much shorter. As a result, students are often left on the hook to either find a new tenant for themselves or unnecessarily waste money on a vacant apartment when the academic year ends. Release, a web and iOS based platform, offers tenants a straightforward and painless alternative to finding sublessees in Austin by taking over the subleasing process from end-to-end. Justin Malone, MBA ’21; Christian Hundt, MBA ’20; Elmer Melendez, MS Computer Science ’20

JBTVL Practicum Info Sessions

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The Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs connects local startup companies with talented and entrepreneurial graduate students at the University of Texas.

The JBTVL Practicum course offers students the chance to participate in semester-long consulting projects solving important problems alongside the company’s founders. If admitted to the program, students will work closely with two startup companies on: market validation, competitive analysis, financial analysis and business model assessment. Practicum students also receive extensive funding guidance from professors and entrepreneurs.

UT Austin graduate students with a curiosity about entrepreneurship can apply for Fall 2020. The deadline is February 21, 2020.

Questions? Information Sessions are available between February 7 to February 20 at various locations around campus. Chances are, there’s a session near you at the perfect time!

Feb 7, 2020
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
RRH 1.354

Feb 7, 2020
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
BME 1.112

Feb 10, 2020
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
RRH 1.354

Feb 10, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
JON 5.208 

Feb 11, 2020
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
RRH 1.354

Feb 11, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
BME 3.206 –

Feb 11, 2020
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
RRH 1.354

Feb 12, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
CPE 4.446

Feb 14, 2020
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
JON 5.208
Feb 14, 2020
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
CPE 4.446

Feb 17, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
BEN 1.106 

Feb 18, 2020
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
EER 2.850

Feb 18, 2020
4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
BEN 1.102

Feb 19, 2020
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
EER 2.610

Feb 20, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
RRH 1.354

Here is a link for Info Session registration:  Choose your most convenient information session and come find out more!  Or contact us at

Want to cut to the chase and access the program’s student application?  Click here:

JBTVL in 2019: Year in Review

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New Year 2020 Hero Img

JBTVL in 2019: Year in Review

As we wrap up 2019, marking our 35th year of supporting entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Austin and beyond, we take a look back and reflect on how JBTVL made a positive impact with the help of all our stakeholders.

JBTVL Investment Competition

Our flagship event, the Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition (TVLIC), is held towards the end of each Spring and Fall semester. We get hundreds of applications from UT Austin graduate students that want to pitch their startup ideas and compete for cash prizes and the chance to go to New York and participate in a Nasdaq bell ceremony.

In 2019, TVLIC selected 47 companies from the many high-quality applications we received for our Spring and Fall competitions. For the 10 student startups that made it to the finals from both events combined, we gave out over $58,000 in prizes!

Mark your calendars for the next TVLIC, which is scheduled for Friday, May 8, 2020.

JBTVL Practicum

One of the main ways we support entrepreneurship is by working with graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin in our JBTVL Practicum class. This multi-disciplinary class gives select graduate students from all across campus a behind-the-scenes view of how startups build their businesses. By matching the student teams with companies from our JBTVL Accelerator, the students get hands-on experience by providing consulting and market research to help accelerate growth.

Looking at both the Spring and Fall semesters in 2019, we had 148 applicants and accepted 95 into the class. Those students contributed hundreds of hours of hard work to our accelerator companies, conducting semester-long projects to give a deeper understanding of industry and market dynamics, target customer profiles, financial modeling, marketing strategy, and much more. From all that hard work, we can point to millions in fundraising done by our alumni companies since leaving those cohorts and many students that have gone into their careers with a richer understanding of working with a new venture.

Our Spring 2020 class is shaping up to be another amazing group and we can’t wait to get started in January. We will also begin recruiting for the fall semester starting in February.

JBTVL Accelerator

We recruit early stage ventures from all across the Texas startup ecosystem to participate in our equity-free, no-cost accelerator program. These companies get hundreds of hours of research and consulting from UT Austin’s best and brightest graduate students who apply for our Texas Venture Labs Practicum.

The 2019 Spring cohort of the JBTVL Accelerator was comprised of 14 amazing companies ranging from aerospace manufacturing robotics, AI-enabled drones, and 3-dimensional data visualization to safety eyeware innovation and a Latin food company. Many of those companies have gone on to raise more funding from grants and investors.

Our 2019 Fall cohort saw 12 companies take strides towards their next major milestones. This group included tasty innovations in the health-food market, promising new methods for delivering supplements, advanced methane detection, a wearable device for cattle health, groundbreaking energy storage technology, and advanced AI for sensor data in manufacturing, along with other fantastic up-and-coming companies.

Stay tuned for details about our upcoming cohort and the projects that JBTVL will be helping them with starting in January.

JBTVL Venture Expo

Both nights of the JBTVL Venture Expo, our biannual celebration of early-stage startups, were full of world-changing potential. A total of 59 companies from across the UT startup ecosystem participated. These startups, including 26 from our Spring and Fall accelerator cohorts and 23 from the ranks of our accelerator alumni, came together to show off their progress, find new partners, attract talent and connect with investors. We had hundreds in attendance and many meaningful connections were made.

Our next Venture Expo is tentatively set for April 23, 2020.

Well…that’s a wrap on 2019 and another successful decade. Have a wonderful and prosperous new year!

Stay connected with JBTVL in 2020 by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media!

Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition (TVLIC) Schedule

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Semifinals Schedule – December 6, 2019 Rowling Hall


Division I – RRH 3.304

9:00 AM – Aperiam Bio
Aperiam Bio is engineering biological molecules for agricultural and pharmaceutical applications — these products might increase the nutritional profile of animal feed or help kill cancer cells — using proprietary machine learning tools.  Austin Cole, ICMB PhD ’20; Daniel Diaz, Chemistry PhD ’23; Raghav Shroff, ICMB PhD ’20

9:35 AM – Aevum BioTech
Aevum BioTech is taking a process that was intended to assist with human reproduction and repurposing it towards the cattle industry. By combining traditional methods with a new technology, Aevum substantially increases success rates that result in increased profits for the cattle industry. Apollo Hernandez, MSTC ’20; Robb Dettmer, MSTC ’20; Jason Grizzle, MSTC ’20; Katie Morgan, MSTC ’20; Peter Gill, MSTC ’20; Amin Dhukka, MSTC ‘20

10:10 AM – CytonSys
CytonSys has developed Photo-Bio-Modulation technologies to enhance the cognitive functions for brain conditions treatment and anti-aging processes. Proven research and products are available in the market now. Lida Huang, ECE PhD ’20; Courtney Alexander, Psychology PhD ‘20

10:45 AM – HiPR Innovation
Prolonged contact and pressure caused by sitting on a wheelchair leaves patients at high risk to develop pressure ulcers. To solve this, HiPR is developing the first reactive, smart wheelchair cushion that can dynamically alleviate high pressure and prevent pressure ulcers. David Chun, Engineering ’20

11:20 AM – Rombal
Rombal’s DynaTense is a medical device used by orthopedic surgeons during knee replacement (TKR) surgery to assist in making data-driven decisions about soft tissue tension, which is crucial to post-operative patient satisfaction. The data it supplies on soft tissue tension enables surgeons to make the best bone cuts. Doug Fairbanks, MSTC ’20; Brian South, MSTC’20


Division II – RRH 3.402

9:00 AM – Legacy Project Studios
Through a blended approach of personal interviews and creative collaborations, Legacy Project Studios will do more than organize and provide beautiful images – we will help future generations of loved ones to know the stories behind them.  James Lee, Executive MBA ’20; Kelly Trout, Executive MBA ’20; Ryan Roecker, Executive MBA ’20; Rahul Jain, Executive MBA ’20

9:35 AM – Picko
Picko is a low-cost food delivery service for educational and corporate campuses. Picko uses its network of smart lockers on campuses to deliver items. Customers pick up their items from the lockers instead of meeting the drivers. In exchange, they only pay $1 for delivery, no tips, no hidden charges. Rambod Yousefzadeh Tabasi, Aerospace Engineering PhD ’20

10:10 AM – Home & Herd
Home & Herd is an online marketplace connecting breeders with end customers through review based listings. We want to be the one stop search, shop and purchase for your next animal.  Ilya Kuperman, MSTC ’20

 10:45 AM – CooMo Travel
CooMo Travel is an online platform which allows the individual to plan and book their entire trip, from start to finish, while allowing other real users to provide recommendations and suggestions based on their own personal experience. Those that plan their trip through the platform will have the ability to see other travelers that will be traveling to the same cities at the same time. Tyler Moyer, MSTC ’20

11:20 AM – Farm to Bowl Kitchens
Farm to Bowl Kitchens uses local supply chains to source and prepare fresh ingredients to produce on-demand plant-based nutrition solutions autonomously. We apply cutting edge technologies to reduce the costs and risks associated with producing and distributing prepared foods made with fresh, perishable ingredients. Charles Hall, TEMBA ‘20

11:55 AM – RightTrack
RightTrack is a digital platform that aggregates financial data to provide holistic, forward-looking insights and matches users with financial planners based on their financial goals.
Kevin Matthews II, MSTC ’20; Jake Moreno, MSTC ’20; Munira Hassain, MSTC ‘20


Division III – RRH 3.406

9:00 AM – Helios
Helios creates and markets better-for-you sandals with elegant and classic design.  We intend to build a footwear brand which customers associate with wellness and mindfulness. Our sandals serve as a beautiful new everyday staple for consumers who are both health conscious and design conscious. Stuart Smith, MBA ’21

9:35 AM – Functional Furniture
Functional Furniture enables active living by designing and producing ready-to-assemble furniture that serves the intended household use case while also acting as exercise equipment, promoting functional movement and therapeutic benefits. Alexander Kennedy Darvishian. MBA ’21

10:10 AM – Slick Sigma
L’MO is a platform that connects retail merchants to crowdsourced delivery options for next day delivery of household goods to end users, homes or businesses. The solution involves ordinary shoppers and the infrastructure currently available through Uber and Lyft style drivers to perform the deliveries to provide a low cost opportunity for local retailers to compete in ecommerce. Sean Hanko, MSTC ’20; Craig Sico, MSTC ’20; Ihab Azzam, MSTC ’20; Rennad Murugan, MSTC ‘20           

 10:45 AM – Good Apple
Good Apple is an Austin-based produce delivery service on a mission to end food insecurity and support a strong, local food system. We partner with local farmers to rescue healthy fruits and veggies that would otherwise go unsold. We then deliver this fresh produce to our customers on a subscription basis   Zack Timmons, M.D. ’21; Alex Wright, M.D. MBA ‘21

11:20 AM – Home Equity Leveraging Partners (H.E.L.P)
HELP is a real estate investment company that enters contractual equity sharing with homeowners in return for cash funding. Our goal is to allow customers to finance the ever-growing costs of education by sharing in a small percentage of the increase in appreciation of a home’s value over time. Kristin Carpenter, MSTC ’20; Dan Edwards, MSTC ’20; Angelo Francisco, MSTC ’20; Ashley Jennings, MSTC ’20; Hasan Abdallah, MSTC ‘20


Division IV – RRH 5.402

9:00 AM – Kuji
For parents who have a baby and are experiencing difficulty caring for their child when out in public, our company solves the problem of finding clean changing stations and having the right supplies on hand. Our company accomplishes this by distributing smart-phone applications and hardware. Hiroki Mochizuki, MBA ’21

9:35 AM – Plexus Technology
Imagine you are in a crowded event and your sister is injured — cell service is overloaded and you need help: we provide a closed mesh dome for events and crowded locations to provide customers and administrators location and messaging capability without cell tower carriers. Casey Roberts, MBA ‘20

10:10 AM – Finora
Finora is a financial technology company that aims to help users better manage their daily disposable income. We aim to influence user behavior to help them develop healthy spending habits, financial literacy and drive positive emotions regarding their personal finance. Mustapha Yisa, MBA ’20; Alex Chen, Mechanical Engineering ’20; Gokhan Koyuncu, MBA ‘20

10:45AM – Preferenda
Preferenda helps A&R representatives and others collect listener feedback on songs before large investments in studio time or promotion are made. An online survey platform for audio content, Preferenda uses patented technology to identify exactly what listeners like and dislike in a song more accurately and faster than existing feedback collection methods. Trent McKenzie, JD ’20

11:20 AM – Alight Health
Alight Health is developing a new model for healthcare services with the immediacy of urgent care, the continuity and capabilities of primary care and the velocity of telemedicine. Alight Health is a low-cost care provider that maximizes clinical efficiency (and therefore patient volume) via telecommunication technology and adaptive data informatics. Noah Austin Minor, MD MBA ’20; Zach Mills, MD MBA ‘20


Division V – RRH 5.420

9:00 AM – Hypepilot
Hypepilot is an open-registration marketplace for companies to create influencer marketing campaigns that publish content like product reviews, shout outs and unboxings on platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Twitch. Our platform facilitates connections between companies and influencers. Reid Thomas, MSTC ‘20; Delano Covarrudias, MSTC ’20

9:35 AM – Nudge Analytics
Nudge Analytics offers K-12 school districts a service that will increase student attendance by utilizing a combination of machine learning and behavioral research.
Sam Hogan, MBA ‘21

10:10 AM –
For endurance event organizers and participants who are experiencing a disjointed event organization and participation experience, provides an end-to-end integrated software solution for registration, ticketing, follow up and more. Jeff Zhao, MSTC ‘20

10:45 AM – PrimeACT
PrimeACT is a mobile application that provides daily user selected actions in order to form new    habits geared towards improving their health and happiness. Clayton Key, MBA ‘20

11:20 AM – Operando
Operando is a workplace productivity tool designed for organizational teams that integrates internal communication platforms and manages project workflows to enhance productivity. Neha Pachade, MSTC ’20; Edward Lewis, MSTC ’20; Maher Tamimi, MSTC ’20; Olufunbi Falayi, MSTC ’20; Ben Li, MSTC ‘20

11:55 AM – 2WayLive
2WayLive is an interactive tele-education platform aiming to connect good teachers with students around the world. Using two-way high definition audio/video, real-time chat and synchronous assessment, a Teacher can reach, teach, assess and interact with students sitting in several remote classrooms. Sanat Sharma, Computer Science ‘20


E. Craig Nemec Elevator Challenge Schedule – December 6, 2019

RRH 4.314

Division I

9:00 AM – CytonSys

9:06 AM – Finora

9:12 AM – Good Apple

9:18 AM – Alight Health

9:24 AM – Operando

9:30 AM – CooMo Travel

9:36 AM – Preferenda

9:42 AM – HiPR Innovation

9:48 AM – Aperiam Bio


Division II

10:00 AM – Kuji

10:06 AM – 2WayLive

10:12 AM – Right Track

10:18 AM – Farm to Bowl Kitchens

10:24 AM – Aevum BioTech

10:30 AM – Plexus Technology

10:36 AM – Rombal

10:42 AM – Nudge Analytics

10:48 AM – H.E.L.P.


Division III

11:00 AM – Functional Furniture

11:06 AM –

11:12 AM – Slick Sigma

11:18 AM – Home & Herd

11:24 AM – Legacy Project Studios

11:30 AM – Helios

11:36 AM – PrimeACT

11:42 AM – Hypepilot

11:48 AM – Picko


2 PM – 5 PM
Finals:  Winner of each Semifinals division competes
Crum Auditorium, RRH 1.400


PM – 7 PM 
Awards Ceremony:  Winners announced
Crum Auditorium, RRH 1.400


The event is free and open to the public.  No need to register to attend.

If you wish to compete, check out the Rules and FAQs. If you are a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, feel free to apply here for our Spring 2020 TVLIC or email us with any questions you may have at

Veteran Austin entrepreneur Mellie Price Tapped to Lead New Business/Medical Partnership

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Health Startups Have New Home for Growth, Opportunity at UT Austin
Veteran Austin entrepreneur Mellie Price tapped to lead new business/medical partnership

AUSTIN, Texas – Health product innovators and entrepreneurs in the Texas capital are getting a leg up thanks to a new partnership at The University of Texas at Austin between the Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs (JBTVL) at the McCombs School of Business and the Texas Health CoLab at Dell Medical School. The unique collaboration is intended to accelerate the pace of health product innovation in Austin.

Health-focused entrepreneurs, inventors, clinicians and researchers are already working with the medical school’s hub for innovation, known as the Texas Health CoLab, to create products and services that improve patient health outcomes and lower the cost of health care. Their startups can now get an additional boost by also applying to be part of the business school’s JBTVL, an accelerator that matches early-stage startups with cross-functional student teams from across UT Austin graduate schools to help solve critical business problems.

“Health care is perhaps the most pressing need for business transformation in our country,” said McCombs’Dean Jay Hartzell. “Leveraging the joint power of the Health CoLab and JBTVL helps to support local startups and further advance Austin as a center for health care innovation.”

Dell Med Dean Clay Johnston, M.D., agreed, saying, “This interdisciplinary effort combines innovation, collaboration and community benefit, and is absolutely aligned with Dell Med’s interest in making Austin a model healthy city.”

Veteran Austin entrepreneur Mellie Price to lead partnership

Leaders from both schools also announced that veteran local entrepreneur Mellie Price has been tapped to be the new executive director of the JBTVL, and to lead this unique cross-school partnership. Price will also continue her current work as executive director of commercialization and managing director of the Texas Health CoLab at Dell Med. John Sibley Butler, JBTVL’s past director, will now serve as its faculty director.

Dell Med created the Texas Health CoLab to enable a robust health innovation ecosystem in Central Texas, advance its mission to revolutionize how people get and stay healthy, and to support new business ventures focused on improving health.

“This partnership reinforces the commitment of both schools to foster an environment supporting creative business solutions within the health care industry – something I have been passionate about throughout my career,” said Price, an experienced investor, technologist and co-founder of Austin’s startup ecosystems Capital Factory and SoftMatch.

The JBTVL pairs graduate students with local startups from all industries, offering assistance in writing business plans, forecasting financials, performing competitive research, developing pricing and marketing strategies and more. Graduate students from the MBA, law, engineering, pharmacy and natural sciences programs participate in semester-long consulting projects and work alongside the company founders to earn academic credit in exchange for high-quality consulting work and real-world experience.

“Under Mellie’s leadership, the JBTVL is taking business ventures to the next level, serving as a unique forum for investors to engage with researchers and startups from within the UT Austin community,” said Luis Martins, Ph.D., professor and chair in the Department of Management and director of the Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship at McCombs.

At the end of each semester, the JBTVL hosts an expo to showcase its latest startup innovations. The next expo will take place on November 21, 2019. Apply for the 2020 Spring Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs Accelerator Cohort here.

Connect with Early Stage Startups from Central Texas at Venture Expo

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Join us for the biannual Texas Venture Labs Venture Expo and meet our 14 Accelerator companies and other up and coming startups from Central Texas. Our keynote speaker will be whurley, founder and CEO of Strangeworks.  A lifelong entrepreneur, whurley has been using systems theory and open source to create innovative technologies for his entire career. He believes leveraging technology to solve our problems is the most exciting and noble challenge we face.

Thursday, April 18, 2019
1 PM – 4 PM
Rowling Hall

1 PM                 Keynote speaker whurley and elevator pitches from startups
2 PM – 4 PM    Talk one on one with the startups on the Expo floor


Wilder Systems wins Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition

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Wilder Systems wins Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition


JBTVL Director John Sibley Butler and Founding Director Rob Adams hands out the Texas Venture Labs Pitch Competition awards in Rowling Hall on May 4, 2018. Photo by Lauren Gerson DeLeon.

JBTVL Director John Sibley Butler and Founding Director Rob Adams hands out the Texas Venture Labs Pitch Competition awards in Rowling Hall on May 4, 2018. Photo by Lauren Gerson DeLeon.

Posted by: Shaydi DeJesus |

AUSTIN, Texas – Will Wilder, a Texas MBA ’18 candidate at the UT Austin McCombs School of Business received first place in the Spring 2018 Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition (TVLIC) on May 4, 2018, for his company, Wilder Systems (WS).

Wilder Systems (WS) assists aircraft manufacturers in cutting costs and improving quality by integrating mobile, collaborative robots which do not require significant factory reconfiguration to implement.  aircraft

manufacturers will save money, reduce defects, and improve ergonomics at a cost that is competitive with manual processes.

“It is an honor to win TVLIC! I came to McCombs with an idea, and thanks to the help, mentorship and support of the McCombs community and especially Texas Venture Labs, I am graduating with a viable company. Thank you to everybody who has contributed to this success,” said Will Wilder, CEO. WS robots aircraftmanufacturers will save money, reduce defects, and improve ergonomics at a cost that is competitive with manual processes.

WS robots aircraft manufacturers will save money, reduce defects, and improve ergonomics at a cost that is competitive with manual processes.

In addition to taking home first place, Wilder Systems received a cash prize of $10,000 and an opportunity to join TVL in New York City to close the Nasdaq.

The other four finalists include Varuna in second place receiving $5,000, lettershine in third place receiving $2,000, Lawtomation in fourth place receiving $1,000, and Somerset Sparkling in fifth place receiving $1,000. In addition to awarding the top five teams, TVLIC also awards teams for specialized honors such as the Wells Fargo Clean Technology Award, the James D. Pippin Veteran Award, and the E. Craig Nemec Elevator Challenge Award.

This year’s recipient of the Wells Fargo Clean Technology Award of $5,000 is WindSails. WindSails produces a relatively low-cost auxiliary marine propulsion and energy generation solution for the shipping industry. To meet and exceed the new environmental regulatory requirements with minimal downtime and ship modification, WindSails offers a high-altitude wind energy system to reduce engine demands by up to 38%. Additionally, the system will generate energy while docked and store for on-demand use.

Varuna received the James D. Pippin Veteran Award of $1,000 given to the most promising startup in TVLIC with one or more veteran co-founders.

The E. Craig Nemec Elevator Challenge Award goes to three teams that competed in TVLIC and gave the best elevator pitch for their business in two minutes. This year’s winners include, Blended, Boreas Technologies, and Lawtomation. Each team will receive $1,000.

This competition was also the first one under the new JBTVL Director, John Sibley Butler, who took over the position from Rob Adams. Adams will continue to teach at McCombs and contribute to JBTVL through the Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition. Said Adams, “I look forward to focusing all my time to continuing teaching entrepreneurship at McCombs and working directly with teams competing in TVLIC.”   Said Butler, “Rob Adams will continue to be active at JBTVL and will focus his talents on mentoring teams that participate in the Investment Competition and start their companies on graduation.”

Hosted by Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs at the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin , TVLIC is open to all graduate students at UT Austin seeking funding for new business ventures. This Spring’s TVLIC had 19 startup companies in attendance from various disciplines such as business, law, physics, engineering, and economics.

The competition follows a shark-tank style format where companies pitch their startups to a panel of experienced venture capital investors and entrepreneurs. Each team has 30 minutes to pitch to the judges. The winners of each semifinals division move on to compete in the finals to determine the Texas champion.

In evaluating the student ventures, judges function as an investment group seeking to reach consensus on the business venture they would most likely fund. The Finals judges’ panel included Isaac Barchas, Translational Research Institute; Randall Crowder, Phunware; Greg Greeson,; Art Olbert, Angel Investor and  Nishi Viswanathan, Dell Medical School.

For more information on the teams selected to compete in 2018 TVLIC, visit the TVLIC blog announcement  or to learn more about TVL’s programs visit

Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs (TVL) at The University of Texas at Austin is a campus-wide initiative to accelerate both student and community startups. Our mission is to help graduate students learn to take their innovations to market and become great entrepreneurs and business leaders. Since 2010, TVL has accelerated over 148 Austin-area startups in a wide range of industries and 42 percent of these companies have gone on to raise total funding in excess of $420 million. Over 450 graduate students from the McCombs School of Business, the School of Law, the Cockrell School of Engineering, the College of Natural Sciences, and the College of Pharmacy have earned experience working with these area startups. In addition, TVL has helped launch more than 80 graduate student companies through the Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition (TVLIC).