Solu Nwanze, director of Business Operations at Zendesk and executive coach at Expanded Impact, hosted a webinar on strategically utilizing BizOps. BizOps, or Business Operations, is a hot and rising field that draws in talented professionals across business and technical backgrounds and expertise.  The webinar covered everything from exploring the BizOps field to creating a team within your company. Solu shared the various models of BizOps teams, skills that are required to succeed in these models, and career paths during and beyond your stint. Watch the webinar here!

Solu is a business operations leader and certified executive coach whose mission is to develop people and teams for maximum effectiveness and engagement. She has over 16 years of experience working in the Tech industry in various capacities including software engineering, business analytics and business operations. In just the past few years, she has built and grown three high impact BizOps teams at Adobe and Zendesk from the ground up. 

As an executive coach, Solu works with established and emerging leaders across various functions and industries including Tech, Finance & Healthcare looking to expand their impact in their professional and personal lives. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Housing & Economic Rights Advocates, a legal services non-profit for low-income Californians.