Austin Startup Week 2018

Together achievement

The time of the year for startups is back, Austin Startup Week. Every year organizations and startups open their doors, put on events and roll out the red carpet for both locals and visitors who are interested in learning more about the startup scene in Austin. There are many different events and tracks that you can check out. We’ve compiled the list of events for the University Track that will take place on Wednesday, October 3 at UT Austin Rowling Hall.

 8:00 AM Dorm Rooms to Startup Showcase
 9:30 AM The University’s Role in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
 11:00 AM Emerging Tech Off College Campuses
 12:30 PM 10 Legal Mistakes Every Startup Makes
 2:00 PM The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion within Startup Culture
 5:30 PM MoneyTalks by Herb Kelleher Center – The State of Fundraising
 6:30 PM MSTC + Herb Kelleher Center Entrepreneurship Night

And those are the University Track events you don’t want to miss. Be sure to check out Austin Startup Week. We hope to see you there!


Texas MSTC Staff Writer