MSTC Team wins Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition

Seismos, the 2013 MSTC Team, won the 2013 Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition, and will compete in the Global Venture Labs Investment Competition in May at the ATT Center in Austin, Texas.

TVL connects local start-up companies with talented and entrepreneurial graduate and Ph.D. students from the MBA, Law, Engineering, and Natural Sciences programs to conduct special projects that help move these businesses forward. Teams of four to six students interact closely with the entrepreneur and/or investors to make an immediate impact during their engagement. TVL teams have conducted successful market validation, financial analysis, business model assessment, competitive analysis and due diligence review projects, amongst others.

MSTC- SeismosSeismos was one of five teams that made it to the TVL finals. Seismos competed with two other MSTC Teams, Glutact and Intelligent Menu.

Seismos is a technology-enabled services company that detects and interprets changes in underground oil and gas reservoirs in real-time with unparalleled sensitivity. The Team consists of Devin Bedwell, MSTC ’13, Panos Adamopoulos, MSTC ’13, Stevan Slusher, MSTC ’13 and Omar Hernandez, MSTC ‘13. They received $5000, a year at the Austin Technology Incubator, and the opportunity to represent The University of Texas at Austin at the Global VLIC in May.

MSTC Teams GluTact placed third and won $2,000 and Intelligent Menu placed fourth.