This Insider Info comes from our Director of Admissions, Rodrigo Malta.

Pursuing an MBA is a significant commitment of time and financial resources. At Texas McCombs, we understand that finding the best return on your MBA investment (ROI) is a priority. We are proud to have been consistently named a “Best Value” among Top 20 MBA programs and want to help you navigate your ROI considerations.

In addition to (McCombs) having the lowest tuition and fees out of the top 20 schools for the last two years, McCombs’ grads had the largest gap between how much students made after graduation and how much they owed." U.S. News, 2017

As you evaluate the ROI for business schools you are considering, remember that the benefits of a top-ranked MBA go way beyond the potential for a higher salary.  Growing your professional network, opportunities for personal development, and the expansion of knowledge and skills should also play a role in evaluating  ROI.

Expand Your Network

Texas McCombs is a globally recognized brand. When you join the program, you gain priceless membership in a lifelong alumni network that will continue to support and accelerate your career. Our alumni take great pride in giving back to this campus by helping mentor, support – and often hire – Texas McCombs students. Being a UT Austin alumni connects you to the most innovative leaders, thinkers, and doers around the world. You are a Longhorn for life.

The Texas McCombs Network

500,000+ UT Alumni
25,000+ MBA Alumni
100,000+ McCombs Alumni
30+ McCombs Alumni Chapters

Personal Development

As a Texas McCombs MBA, you will be connected to other highly talented individuals with varying backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures. They will inspire you, broaden your thinking and you will continually learn from one another.

Students at Google HQ for a career trek in 2017

Full-Time MBA students visit Google HQ on a Career Trek.

Career treks, global opportunities and hands-on learning projects with our MBA+ Leadership Program will help you practice and master effective teamwork, leadership, problem solving, self-reflection and assessment, and critical thinking.

The Numbers

Of course tuition and living costs are also considered in your ROI. Your individual considerations will vary when it comes to funding your MBA, but it’s always good to note current estimated tuition for the year you plan to start the program, cost of living, and any anticipated scholarships or financial aid.

Texas McCombs MBA Tuition

Current estimated annual tuition rate for the Full-Time MBA is $49,534 for Texas residents and $54,924 for non-Texas residents.

Texas McCombs MBA compares favorably against the national averages of $59,794 & $64,542, respectively, charged by other top 20 MBA programs at public universities. And the average annual tuition rate for private institutions in the top 10 is $70,085.

45% of admitted Texas McCombs Full-time MBA students received scholarship offers.

Cost of Living in Austin

The cost of living in Austin is less than in many major cities. What costs $1 here is:
$1.56 in New York,
$1.43 in San Francisco,
$1.32 in Boston,
$1.30 in Los Angeles,
$1.29 in Seattle, and
$1.18 in Chicago

Knowledge & Skills

While most graduate programs narrow your subject matter expertise through extensive research activities on a specific topic, an MBA curriculum allows you to learn about a variety of industries and business functions resulting in increased flexibility in potential career paths.

Texas McCombs is currently ranked in the top 3 for Business Analytics, Marketing and Accounting– we are consistently no. 1 for Accounting.  The MBA also offers a new “Leading for Impact” curriculum component to provide focused individual assessment & leadership coaching within your MBA.

The value of your graduate degree is measured in more than dollars and cents. If you have any questions about the opportunities offered at Texas McCombs or how your goals may fit with our program, please reach out to us. Hook ’em!