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Startups apply by July 12 for JBTVL Accelerator

Posted in TVL Investment Competition (TVLIC)

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The JBTVL Accelerator is a zero cost, zero equity program that collaborates with Texas-based startups who want to work with graduate student consultants for up to 300 hours of high impact business consulting over the course of a 14-week semester. We accept applications from both pre-revenue and post-revenue companies who have a working prototype or product, can clearly define 2-3 projects for students, and are ready to engage with the student team.

We welcome startups from ALL industries! In addition to our MBA, MSTC, and McCombs MS students, many of our graduate students come from science, engineering, and computer science disciplines. Since we are embedded in an academic institution and surrounded by brilliant scientific and technical talent, startups who can leverage technical PhD and Masters students in their project work are always encouraged to apply.

Startups interested in working with our graduate students should apply here by July 12 at 11:59 PM:

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