Dear MPA Students,

Are you interested in becoming an MPA Peer Career Consultant (PCC)? MPA Career Services is looking for a bright and motivated student to join the team! Here are 5 reasons why being a PCC is the best job on campus!

  1. PCCs get to assist peers in learning more about MPA career resources and services.
  2. PCCs develop communication and leadership skills that any employer will find impressive.
  3. As a PCC you learn so much about career-related resources, as well as how to create and conduct professional events and presentations. You not only get to help students, but you also learn more about your own career development, and how to effectively market your degree and establish your career.
  4. PCCs build great relationships with supervisors, employers, faculty, and staff, and work with other student workers in a fun atmosphere.
  5. MPA Career Services understands that you have a demanding schedule and school responsibilities. Supervisors work with student employees to create balanced work schedules. Plus, you won’t have to work on weekends or holidays!

Check out the full description here: PCC Job Description – Summer/Fall 2012

If you are interested in this paid student position, please e-mail your resume and a cover letter with Summer/Fall 2012 availability to with “PCC Position” in the subject line by May 6.

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Ting Qu