The BVA Group LLC (“BVA”) is seeking exceptional candidates to participate in our spring analyst minimester program. BVA provides valuation analyses for financial reporting, tax, estate planning, bankruptcy and restructuring, and a variety of other purposes. Responsibilities for a spring analyst will be the same as a first-year starting analyst. Activities during your internship could include:

• Perform discounted cash flow, comparable company and precedent transaction analysis;
• Assist with a variety of analyses involving economic damages calculations, Monte Carlo simulations, and valuation of complex financial instruments, such as exotic options, interest rate swaps, and other derivatives;
• Research and analyze industry and company-specific trends and ratios;
• Review and analyze highly confidential documents relating to various transactions and legal disputes; and
• Participate in meetings with C-level executives, attorneys, private equity professionals, and accounting professionals.

Company: BVA Group
Position: MPAI-Spring Valuation Analyst (Jan-March 2013)
Location(s): Dallas, TX and Houston, TX
Drop Deadline: 04/4/2012

Apply on OCR.


Submitted by Paul Nabhan