The Coffee Experience

Saying that I love coffee would be a gross understatement. I LOVE, ADORE, RELISH coffee. Even a small whiff of the complex, bitter, (sometimes) nutty/smoky, and (always) delicious smell never fails to coax my lips into a smile. Coffee, for many college students, is a necessity. It keeps us perky throughout the busy day and can get us through any long night. Additionally, there are actually many health benefits associated with the magical brew like a lower risk of diabetes and liver cancer.

For me, coffee is more than just an energy drink or a health benefit. It’s an experience. I love coffee shops, which double as both vehicles of this experience and good study spots. Here’s a list of 5 of the best coffee shops in Austin (in my opinion):

1. Cafe Medici:
If you’re looking for something close and haven’t checked out Cafe Medici, you need to. Now. Located on Guadeloupe,  it has a great dark roast and Chai Latte. Upstairs, there are really cute tables and couches great for reading or studying.
Cafe Medici

2.  Epoch:
Located on N Loop Blvd, Epoch is a great casual space vending espresso drinks, sweets & pizza from East Side Pies in open, casual space
Epoch Coffee

3. Mozart’s:
Mozart’s is probably everyone’s favorite coffee shop in Austin. Located on Lake Austin Blvd, it has a stunning view and a stunning menu.
Mozart's Coffee

4. Cuvee:
If you love a good cold brew, Cuvee is for you. If you can’t be separated from your laptop… maybe not. The coffee shop/bar has a no wifi policy which I think is a great way to have a meaningful, unplugged conversation with a friend. Plus, look at it. It’s so cute.  Check it out if you’re ever on  E 6th St.
5. Summer Moon:My friend recently told me about Summer Moon, which is about a 20 minute drive from campus. Summer moon is a great study spot with tons of desks and outlets for your laptop. The coffee has a distinct smokey flavor because it’s cooked using brick, wood, and fire. Located on South 1st street, it’s worth the drive.
Summer Moon








If you’re a coffee lover like me, hopefully you can get around to checking these places out. We can LOVE, ADORE, and RELISH the drink together.

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  1. Awesome Article! Me and my buddys just checked out the 2016 Mozarts Christmas Light Show and it was awesome! Just another reason Mozart’s is the Austin favorite.

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