TeXercise Time

September has always been a slow month for me, but with recruitment in full swing and a heavy fall course load, it absolutely flew by this year. I would not believe it was October if not for the Halloween candy and orange Oreos that have become my frequent study snacks.

With the significant amount of stress that comes with a busy semester and the significant amount of sweets I consume while studying, I had to find a way to stay healthy. The answer for me was “TeXercise.”

Gregory Gym

TeXercise is UT’s group exercise program. As a student, you have free, unlimited access to the university’s recreation facilities on campus. I frequent the Gregory gym weight room and have began to take small steps towards my goal of running a half marathon on the treadmills. However for the days I am feeling unmotivated or too busy to plan a workout for myself, I like to attend an exercise class.

I purchased the semester pass for $85 at the beginning of the semester and received free access to the Group Cycling classes as a bonus for purchasing the pass early.  If you have ever paid for a single cycling class or gym membership, you recognize that this is a great bargain.  More details including prices and a class schedule can be found at the Division of Recreational Sports website.

Inside Gregory Gym

I have attended multiple yoga classes (Sunrise, Vinyasa) as well as Nike+ Training Club and group cycling classes. The cycling classes are definitely my favorite, but I have enjoyed the ability to get to try out a little bit of every type of exercise. For instance, I had never attended a yoga class before this semester and it is nice to learn the basics in a judgement free environment. During a stressful week, hitting the gym is the way I like to stay calm and focused.

Even better for MPA students? The Gregory Gym is just across the street from McCombs, making it even easier to incorporate a TeXercise class or two into your day.

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