Around Austin in 30 Days

Like many UT students, I started making a mental bucket list of things to do in and around Austin the moment I set foot on campus as a freshman.From food trucks and swimming holes to the plethora of music opportunities, Austin is full of great things to do. Sadly, while balancing homework, exams and class, something always got in the way of whittling down my list. Now that I’m about to graduate and leave Austin for good, I decided it’s finally time to start exploring, and thus, the month of May became 30 days of experiencing Austin to its fullest.

First things first, I started out with the basics – delicious food. So far I’ve made it through Sno Beach, some food trucks, some tried and true classics like Hula Hut, Mozart’sMadam Mam’s, and even made my way out to Lockhart for some killer barbecue. After all, you gotta eat, right?

After that I moved on to some less calorie-enriched south Texas activities – a Spurs game, swimming at Barton Springs, and climbing Mount Bonnell. Truth be told, I still have a long way to go on my list. Even if I did something Austin-y every week I don’t think I would ever run out of things to do. Now that classes and finals are out of the way, it’s time to make some progress on that list!

What Austin spots are on your bucket list?


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