Back in the Swing

AICPA ThisWayToCPA logoHello everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday season and are like me, getting back into the swing of things.  Today was the first day of classes and it seemed to go well for everyone.  This semester for me will be filled with classes, homework, and the all important  CPA exam preparation.

I signed up for an online course and plan to take my first section within the next 2 months.  I applied for the exam over break and am still waiting for approval to schedule my exam.  There are plenty of instructions and information on the CPA exam on the NASBA website as well as the AICPA website.  Please post comments if you have any question about the process.

The classes I’m taking this semester include ethics (which is a required course for the CPA exam in some states including Texas), business communication and corporate governance.  These are mostly electives that I have chosen because I feel they will best help me in my future, on the exam, and in my career.  I also am taking two accounting electives that are more audit focused.

Please post comments of any questions you may have about the CPA exam or courses you can take as an MPA, both core and elective courses.  Thanks!

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