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Are you a Texas McCombs MPA international applicant? Keep reading to find answers to frequently-asked questions!

Are all of the application materials required by the January 5 application deadline?

The online application closes on January 5, and you should submit all application materials by this deadline. Applications that are completed late may be reviewed on a space-available basis after the first round of decisions have been made. Please send Keri Ledezma an email update if your application is not complete by January 5.

Application tip: Plan ahead! On average, it takes about 3-4 weeks for the official test scores to be sent, received, and added to an applicant’s record.

Should I wait to submit my transcript until fall grades are posted?

You should upload a transcript by the January 5 application deadline, even if your fall grades are not available. If you prefer, you can send Keri Ledezma an updated transcript via email after the fall grades are available.

When are international decisions released?

All international applications will be reviewed after the January 5 application deadline, not on a rolling basis. Admissions decisions are typically released throughout the month of February.

Do I need to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores if I studied in the U.S. or another English-only speaking country?

If you are an international applicant (non-U.S. citizen or permanent resident) and are not from an English-only speaking country, you are required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores with your MPA application, even if you studied your undergraduate degree in an English-only speaking country. Please see the admissions packet for additional information. Strong English skills are critical for success in our program, and demonstrating your abilities through the TOEFL or IELTS will strengthen your application.

Do I need to submit a foreign credential evaluation from WES or another organization?

You do not need to submit a foreign credential evaluation if you studied outside of the U.S. However, if your transcript is written in a language other than English, you must upload an official English translation with the original transcript.

Do I need to submit financial documentation with my application?

The financial information is used for immigration document processing, not for admissions purposes. If you gain admission to the MPA program, the International Office will require the financial documentation before issuing the Form I-20 or Form DS-2019.

U.S. Applicants: When Should You Apply?

When to apply to the MPA program

You may have noticed that the Texas McCombs MPA has two U.S. application deadlines:

December 1 – early deadline

March 31 – final deadline

When should I apply?

The MPA admissions committee reviews U.S. applications on a continuous basis between December 1 and March 31, so you can apply at any time throughout the admissions cycle! We will release an admissions decision about a month after your application materials are received.

Application tip: If you receive an admission offer from another university and need to respond to the offer before you receive a decision from us, please email the name of the university and the admission response deadline to Keri Ledezma. Although we cannot guarantee an earlier admission decision, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What if I am not ready to submit all of the application materials by December 1?

No worries! If you need additional time to prepare your application materials (to study for the GMAT or GRE, for example), be sure to take your time and submit the strongest application possible. However, keep in mind that we award departmental scholarships throughout the admissions cycle, and fewer scholarships are available towards the end of the cycle.

Application tip: You can submit the online application and skip past the test score section if you haven’t taken the GMAT or GRE test yet. We recommend submitting the application early so that your references receive an email notification from our system and you can upload your other application materials. Please note that it typically takes about 3 weeks for the official test scores to be received and added to an applicant’s record.

Should I submit my transcript by the December 1 early deadline or wait until my fall grades are posted? 

In most cases, we recommend submitting a transcript without fall grades if you are aiming for the December 1 deadline. We will reach out to you if we need your fall grades before making a decision.

That said, you might wait and submit your transcript with your fall grades if:

  1. (For non-accounting majors:) You are taking any of the pre-enrollment courses in the fall,
  2. (For accounting majors:) You are enrolled in several upper-level accounting classes in the fall, or
  3. Your upper-level GPA will be improved substantially with your fall grades.

If you have any questions regarding the admissions process, please contact Keri Ledezma!

Texas McCombs MPA Ranked No. 1 for 11th Straight Year

Texas McCombs has once again taken first place in Public Accounting Report’s (PAR) undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral rankings. PAR ranks U.S. academic accounting institutions every year by surveying nearly 1,000 accounting faculty members across U.S. colleges and universities.

Medium_Rankings No.1_PAR_2019

Master’s Ranking: No. 1
Texas McCombs has led the nation at the master’s level (Master in Professional Accounting) in 25 out of the past 26 surveys. This is also the 11th straight year the MPA program has clinched the top spot. BYU jumped ahead of Illinois to take second place this year, leaving Illinois in third.

Explore the undergraduate, graduate, and PhD rankings, as well as further accolades, on the Texas McCombs News blog.

— — — — — — — —

One reason the Department of Accounting and its programs continue to rank so high is due to our faculty (along with their research and curriculum). Read on to learn more about recent research and curriculum from our Department’s faculty.

Move Donors to the Head of the Transplant Line?
Accounting research demonstrates how a simple rule change could boost the number of usable organ donations — and save lives. Based on the research of Ronghuo Zheng.

zhengAwaiting an organ transplant for yourself or a loved one means delays that can be agonizing — and costly. Every day, 20 patients on U.S. waiting lists die before an organ becomes available, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

In a sense, it’s a classic accounting problem of supply and demand, says Ronghuo Zheng, assistant professor of accounting at Texas McCombs. While 113,759 U.S. patients languished on lists last year, only 17,554 donors, living and deceased, provided organs.

How can the U.S. expand its supply? In new research, Zheng finds that with one important modification to a Nobel laureate’s proposed rule, it could swell the pool of donors while ensuring that patients get usable organs.

The proposal, known as the donor priority rule, would hold out a carrot to potential registered donors. If one of them gets sick themselves and needs a transplant, they’ll be able to cut in line, taking priority over those who aren’t registered.

>> Continue reading on Big Ideas

— — — — — — — —

Patrick Badolato, Senior Lecturer at Texas McCombs, recently posted an article on LinkedIn regarding his Financial Statement Analysis class and how it correlates to real world companies. 

An Update on Uber, Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis and Cash Flow Bros
In addition to the Uber commentary at the end, I offer this post as a quick update for any interested former students or colleagues (I hope you are doing well!) and as some quick thoughts for anyone who just started or may take any of these classes at the University of Texas’s McCombs School of Business.

BadolatoThis Fall our Department asked me to teach the four classes of the (introductory) Financial Accounting class to our Full-time MBAs in addition to six sections of Financial Statement Analysis (across 5 of our graduate programs). While this uniquely high course load will be an incredible challenge, I am absolutely excited to have this opportunity, which began this past week.

As my former students and colleagues know, the course I have focused on and developed over the past many years is not introductory accounting, but Financial Statement Analysis (FSA). I have had the pleasure of teaching this upper-level class in all of the McCombs graduate programs that include accounting classes. In this class we have covered Starbucks, JCPenney, Nordstrom, Apple, Ford, Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, Walmart, Whole Foods, Facebook, Priceline, Southwest, Coca-Cola, Disney, ToysRUs, Theranos, Groupon, Square, Blue Apron, GoPro, Yeti, Exxon, Beyond Meat, Lyft, etc. After taking FSA, students note that they appreciate how the class helps them: (1) see how and why valuation and analysis are more than mindless mechanical processes; (2) understand the importance of stepping back and understanding the business; and (3) offers the opportunity to see that there is a ton of information in financial reports, once we gain comfort working past the fluff and filler and focus on holistically using the financial statements and other information.

Learn more about the FSA class by reading Patrick Badolato’s full article

Recruiting for Full-Time Positions While in the MPA Program

Recruiting for full-time positions starts the first week MPA students arrive on campus. The MPA program hosts multiple events in different formats so incoming students have the opportunity to meet representatives from a wide range of organizations. Let’s explore the fall recruiting events and what they entail.

MPA Career Lunch
The MPA Career Lunch is the first recruiting event of the semester and is held during Orientation. This is normally where students first meet recruiters. Approximately ten organizations attend MPA Career Lunch, and each give a brief introduction while highlighting topics that affect their company and industry, such as market trends and regulatory changes. Each company’s representatives then sit and interact with students during lunch. Afterwards, a networking dessert reception is held so students have a chance to connect with all organizations attending MPA Career Lunch. A similar event called MPA Career Dinner also takes place during the spring semester.

Day 2 Networking with Recruiter 4

Students connect with a Briggs & Veselka Co. recruiter during the MPA Career Lunch.

MPA Meet the Firms: A Speed Networking Event
Meet the Firms is another event that occurs during Orientation. It provides a venue for students to connect with recruiters in a format that offers both a structured speed networking and more informal open networking. Think of speed networking as “speed dating” – two students sit with an employer and the trio have the chance network. After seven minutes, the two students rotate to a new employer. On the other side of the room, students can meet other companies they did not encounter during speed networking. All in all, 20 organizations were present at Meet the Firms. This is another event that takes place during the spring semester.

Day 3 Speed Networking 2

A recruiter from Phillips 66 shakes hands with an MPA student.

MPA Mock Interview Day
Mock Interview Day is held during the second week of class. This event allows MPA students to practice and improve their interviewing skills by signing up for mock interviews with recruiters. 20 different companies come to campus to mock interview students. Not only is this a great way for students to meet targeted organizations where they’d like to work, but it also gives them more confidence going in to actual interviews. After each mock interview, the recruiter fills out a feedback form which is given to the MPA Career Services team. Feedback is then relayed to the student so they can prepare for upcoming interviews. Mock Interview Day takes place in the spring, as well.

Mock Interviews

Students chat with recruiters before mock interviews.

MPA Industry Night
MPA Industry Night is held during the third week of class. Students attend this event to learn more about the industry employers that hire MPAs. Ten companies travel to UT’s campus and host three 25-minute information sessions that provide students a brief overview of their organization, culture, and career opportunities. After the info sessions, students have the option to connect with all participating employers at a networking reception. It is great way for students to learn more about an organization, then meet with a recruiter one-on-one.

Industry Night 1

 MPA students mingle with recruiters from Dell and ExxonMobil at Industry Night.

These four events all take place within the first few weeks of school, but resume and LinkedIn workshops, career advising, peer-to-peer mock interviews, employer interviews, and more are continuously happening throughout the semester and year. Our program strives to offer a positive and helpful recruiting experience by providing multiple avenues for students to meet recruiters and prepare for interviews so they have a job secured by graduation.

Keep an eye out for more career information throughout the year by checking back on this blog and our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

A Peek into Orientation: Welcome tMPA Students!

Traditional MPA students arrived on campus Tuesday, August 20 to kick-off their first day as Texas Longhorns. tMPA Orientation lasted three days and included information on academics, student life, networking, and recruiting. Let’s take a look at Orientation 2019!

Day 1: Tuesday, August 20

Students arrived at Rowling Hall for their first official day as the MPA Class of 2020. After check-in, a light breakfast with coffee, and receiving NEW BACKPACKS, the MPA Program Senior Director Steve Smith welcomed our 80+ traditional and ECON MPAs into the top-ranked accounting program in the nation.

First, representatives from Student Life presented on their clubs. MPA Council informed students on how they can get involved, and MPA Consulting Club discussed their consulting and advisory organization, including an overnight trek to Dallas this fall to meet with consulting firms.

Raji Srinivasan, Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, came by to discuss initiatives UT and Texas McCombs are implementing to:

  • strive to create a diverse and inclusive community,
  • provide resources and support to promote a culture of inclusion, and
  • value and celebrate differences so that all of our community members can be more effective, fulfilled, and happy.

Up next was our faculty panel with Shuping Chen, Jaime Schmidt, and Kristina Zvinakis. Our professors gave insight into the Department of Accounting, talked about their curriculum, and answered questions from students. Afterwards, more faculty members joined us at Orientation for lunch with students.

Day 1 Lil Mills and Students at Lunch

Professor Lil Mills and a student listen to another classmate during Day 1’s lunch with faculty.

After lunch, Aleks from the International Programs Office explored the study abroad options for MPA students. Five-week programs in Buenos Aires and Prague are offered each summer. Around 25-30 students enroll in each of these programs and have the opportunity to earn six credit hours – one class is taught by a Texas McCombs accounting professor, and one class is with the partner university’s professor. Learn more about the MPA study abroad program here.

Jo Chauvin and Tina Reed from the MPA Career Services team then took the reins and coached students on recruiting and networking tips. This came in handy on Day 2 and Day 3 of Orientation as students met with employers who are actively recruiting for full-time positions. Their presentations included skits on what not to do while recruiting, as well as networking best practices.

Day 1 Students Networking

MPA students put their networking skills to use as they practice interviewing each other.

Next, alumni from the MPA program shared their experiences in the program and where they are now. The panelists gave their honest opinions on work-life balance while in the program, especially during their first semester while taking a full courseload and recruiting for a full-time job. They also answered questions on their careers and professional growth.

We ended Orientation Day 1 with a class photo. Here they are… the MPA Class of 2020!

Day 1 MPA Class of 2020

Welcome to Texas McCombs MPA Class of 2020!

About half of the class joined us for bowling and pizza at our on-campus bowling alley in the basement of the Union. The pizza went quick, but we sure had a blast!


Day 2: Wednesday, August 21

Students had their first chance to meet employers on their second day in the program. Ten employers attended the MPA Career Lunch to meet MPA students, present on their organizations, and enjoy lunch with students. Organizations in attendance included:

Tina Reed, Director of MPA Career Services, welcomed students and recruiters to the Career Lunch, then asked employers to give their 60-second elevator pitch on themselves and their companies. Afterward, each organization sat with a table of students to network while enjoying another delicious meal.

Day 2 Networking with Recruiter

A representative from FTI Consulting makes connections with MPA students.

After lunch was served, our keynote speaker, George Scott, Chairman of the FASAB, spoke regarding his board, the initiatives they are currently working on, and how students can get involved.

Students and employers then made their way to a dessert reception where MPAs had to opportunity to meet other organizations present at the Career Lunch.

Day 2 Dessert Reception Networking

MPA students and employers networking during the dessert reception.

Once the dessert reception ended, Alvarez and Marsal, Texas Instruments, Crowe, and Caterpillar reps answered students’ questions – no topics were off limits. Everything from details on their career path to why should a student choose their company was asked, and the panelists gave open and honest answers. The biggest takeaway all four panelists agreed on was for students to find the company that is the best fit for them, whether that is in public accounting or industry.

To conclude the day, Jo and Tina from Career Services continued their career consulting with more information on recruiting within the MPA program.


Day 3: Thursday, August 22

Students made their way to Darrell K. Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium on Thursday for Meet the Firms, a speed networking event. What is speed networking, you ask? Think of it as “speed dating” except that you are meeting employers.

The event was held inside the football stadium, with the perfect view overlooking the field. You couldn’t ask for a better venue to host an event. Plus, breakfast tacos, bagels, and cookies were served for students who worked up an appetite making connections.

20 employers were in attendance at Meet the Firms. Once the event began, two students sat with each employer, and the trio had seven minutes to make introductions and network. When the Texas Fight song played, that prompted students to rotate to the next employer.

Day 3 Speed Networking

A recruiter from Caterpillar talks with students during Meet the Firms, a speed networking event.

Employers present at Meet the Firms included:

On the opposite side of the room, tables were set up for students to open network with organizations they may not have met during speed networking.

Day 3 Open Networking

Students mingling with employers on the opening networking side of the room.

As if it were on cue, the football team entered the stadium at the end of Meet the Firms, and students, employers, and staff got to enjoy the team do run-throughs on the field. Fellow Texas McCombs’ student and starting quarterback Sam Ehlinger was even spotted taking some snaps!

Day 3 Football Scrimmage

The Texas Longhorns football team made an appearance on the field at the end of Meet the Firms.

That wrapped up traditional MPA Orientation! Stay tuned throughout the year for program updates, recruiting information, tips for applying, and student profiles.

Hook ‘em!

Latest Accounting Research: More Corporate Cash Flows into the U.S. than Out

Based on the research of Texas McCombs Accounting Professor Lillian Mills: Despite popular belief, all U.S. firms haven’t been sending most of their earnings abroad to dodge taxes, finds a study using IRS data.

BigIdeas1In recent years, one of the major exports of U.S. businesses has been cash. Several reports, such as one by Bloomberg News, have tallied more than $2 trillion of earnings stashed in foreign subsidiaries in countries with lower corporate tax rates.

So it might come as a surprise that over a decade, American businesses brought more money into the country than they shipped out. That’s one conclusion from new research by Lillian Mills, accounting professor at Texas McCombs, and two recent McCombs doctoral accounting graduates, Lisa De Simone and Bridget Stomberg.

Analyzing corporate returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service, the researchers found that U.S. multinationals imported $1 trillion from offshore affiliates, while they exported $830 million. Close to two-thirds of all returns showed more money coming in than going out.

Those businesses tended to be older and larger ones, which built U.S. factories and headquarters decades ago.

Read the full article in Big Ideas: Research and insights from Texas McCombs here.

The Fall 2019 Traditional MPA Application is Now Open!

It is now officially August, and that means the online application for our traditional MPA program is now open! Click here to start your application today.

All application materials, including official test scores, must be received before an application will be reviewed for a decision.

Application Deadlines:

U.S. applicants (early deadline): December 1, 2019
International applicants: January 5, 2020
U.S. applicants (final deadline): March 31, 2020

 U.S. Applications: The admissions committee reviews completed U.S. applications on a rolling basis starting in December.

International Applications: All international applications are reviewed after the January 5 application deadline.

Contact us if you have any questions along the way. We look forward to receiving your application!

Introducing Tina Reed, the MPA Program’s New Director of Career Services

Tina Reed is the new Director of Career Services for the Master in Professional Accounting program at Texas McCombs. She comes from a background in higher education and has helped many students explore their career opportunities. Continue reading to learn more about Tina and email her at to inquire about job placement options while attending the MPA program.

Meet Tina Reed

Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of work, Tina.
I enjoy bike riding, window shopping, visiting with friends, and traveling.

What did you do before coming to Texas McCombs?
Before joining Texas McCombs, I lived in Nashville, TN where I worked at Tennessee State University (TSU) as the Associate Director of the Career Development Center. My primary responsibilities were to oversee employer relations, manage some of the day-to-day operations in the Center, and create strategic student professional development initiatives for the University’s Quality Enhancement Plan. I also worked at TSU’s College of Business as the Director of Public Service where I engaged with students, faculty, employers, and alumni.

What interests you about higher education, career services, and accounting?
I am interested in higher education because it is a learning environment, and one of my philosophies about life is to “never stop learning.” Career services allows me the opportunity to assist students with developing and advancing their careers, and accounting is interesting to me because it is a profession that is designed to keep companies honest (from a financial management standpoint). As long as there are businesses, accounting will be relevant. It has been said that “money is the root of all evil.” If this is true, then companies across the world will need to use accounting principles to help manage and monitor their root.

Tina ReedWhy did you decide to move to Austin and work for the Master in Professional Accounting program?
I decided to move to Austin and work for the MPA program for a few reasons: I wanted to move back to Texas (l lived in Houston and San Antonio several years ago), and since I am very familiar with working in a business school environment, I felt that working in the MPA program would be a great career opportunity.

You’ve been here over a month now. What opportunities do you see for our program?
I think the MPA program has the opportunity to increase student enrollment through a variety of marketing techniques to brand the program.

What’s been your favorite part about the University of Texas at Austin so far?
My favorite part about UT is the school spirit. Our fans are not afraid to show how much they love this school by wearing burnt orange and throwing up the Hook ‘Em Horns. And I really like that UT is branded across the city of Austin.

Welcome to Texas McCombs, Tina!

Making a Global Impact: tMPA Student Muhannad Alsharekh

To say Muhannad Alsharekh has had some extraordinary life experiences would be an understatement. He’s traveled the world representing his home country of Saudi Arabia for the Youth 20 Summit 2019 and pitched an idea for an underwater tunnel connecting Saudi Arabia and Egypt all while being a full-time traditional Master in Professional Accounting student. Let’s learn more about Muhannad, the Y20 Summit, and his time in the MPA program.

Muhannad Alsharekh

Traditional MPA student Muhannad Alsharekh representing Saudi Arabia at the Y20 Summit in Japan.

Muhannad grew up in Saudi Arabia and studied at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. He originally majored in finance since his father is in banking, but when he got his first taste of accounting, he switched degrees and declared accounting as his major. To explore the world a bit more, he decided to study abroad in Denton, TX (a suburb of Dallas) and knew there was something special about this state. So after his internship with PwC in 2015, he started looking at graduate accounting schools, and the Texas McCombs Master in Professional Accounting program made his short list.

After doing more research into the MPA program, he noted that the program’s #1 ranking, notoriety of the professors, and length of the program all were key factors in his decision to apply to the program. Muhannad then met with Keri Ledezma, Director of Admissions for the MPA program, in 2016 which sealed the deal. He was accepted into the program in 2017 but deferred his start-date until the fall of 2018.

When asked what he loves most about UT and Austin, without hesitation he said, “The food and the people!” Muhannad has enjoyed exploring a new city (and new restaurants), as well as making lifelong connections with his professors, staff, and students. Plus he was a part of the MPA indoor soccer team this spring that made it all the way to the championship game.

Muhannad decided to apply to represent his home country of Saudi Arabia at the Y20 Summit, an annual international conference of youth leaders who come together as a joint declaration on policy recommendations. These young professionals discuss international issues and propose a common solution to the G20 leaders at the international forum regarding policy and international financial stability.

With the Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Muhannad, far right, with the Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports, Science and Technology at the Y20 Summit.

A few weeks after applying, he was granted an interview. After a total of three rounds of interviews, Muhannad was selected as one of two Saudi delegates to represent Saudi youth at the Y20 Summit 2019 in Japan. 70% of people are 30 years or younger in Saudi Arabia, and Muhannad was honored to represent them. “It was very important to me to help make an impact on our future,” he said.

At the Y20 Summit, the youth delegates went through lengthy negotiations to reach a consensus on the most effective and direct policy recommendations. The Y20 leaders concluded with addressing three main policy recommendations: International Trade, Future of Work, and Business and Environment, and they had the honor to deliver their proposals to the Japanese Prime Minister. But their work didn’t stop there… Currently, these young leaders are undergoing an awareness campaign about the importance of their recommendations and how it relates to youth around the world.

With Japan's Prime Minister

The Y20 Summit delegates presenting their recommendations to Japan’s Prime Minister.

Since the Y20 Summit was held during the same weekend as graduation, Muhannad did not have the opportunity to walk in the MPA Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 25. He did, however, accept a job offer before graduation at SABIC, a Saudi diversified manufacturing company, in their corporate finance department. He will have the task of monitoring business processes of the organization as a whole while increasing efficiencies and effectiveness. Muhannad will be starting with SABIC at the end of this month.

As for his future goals, he says he would love to be a leader of a large company one day as a CEO or CFO, but he added, “As long as I enjoy where I am and who I work with, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing.”


Earlier this year, Muhannad was also a part of the winning team at the Dream NEOM Competition hosted by NEOM (Saudi Arabia’s new ambitious city) and the MiSK Foundation (a non-profit Saudi organization). The aim of the competition was to gather the sharpest young minds to develop ideas for the NEOM city. His team received first place in the competition based on their idea to develop an underwater submerged floating tunnel connecting NEOM with Egypt. Along with his team members, Marah Alarabi and Suzanne Alomran, they leveraged their networks to consult with architects and engineers to test their proposal and ensure the project was covered from a technical, financial, and environmental aspect.

Dream NEOM Competition

Muhannad with his teammates Marah Alarabi and Suzanne Alomran presenting their underwater floating tunnel at the Dream NEOM Competition in April 2019.

What to Do in Austin This Summer

Take a break from MPA summer classes or your accounting internship to explore the city of Austin this summer. It’s the perfect time of year to take some leisure and try new things in this vibrant town, so check out these 10 summer events and activities you can do in Austin this summer.

Blues on the Green
29 years and counting, Blues on the Green is one of Austin’s most iconic summer events hosted by Austin City Limits Radio. This free concert series features upcoming local artists and is located at Zilker Park. Blues takes place once a month on a Wednesday, so get there early to get the best view. Parking is $15. Alternatively, you can take the bus with Capital Metro which offers plenty of routes directly to Barton Springs/Zilker. For the rest of summer 2019, the show dates are July 17 and August 7 at Zilker Park starting at 8:00 p.m.

Blues on the Green

Unplugged at the Grove
As the “live music capital of the world,” Austin boasts its fair share of music events. Unplugged at the Grove is a more frequent free concert series hosted by Austin City Limits Radio. Every Thursday, Austinites gather at the Shady Grove off Barton Springs Road to enjoy music and drinks. For summer 2019, the show dates are every Thursday until August 29 at Shady Grove at 8:00 p.m.

Barton Creek Greenbelt
Though live music may be the star of Austin, the city also offers a fantastic glimpse of the natural world. The Greenbelt is acclaimed as the place to be on a nice day with a variety of activities—hiking, biking, rock-climbing, swimming, and sun-bathing. This park has multiple access points directed towards the pool or the hiking trails. The Greenbelt provides a sweet relief from the city. If you prefer to play it safe, Barton Springs Pool is a sectioned area fed by natural spring water where you’re welcomed to chill and relax. The pool fee is $9 for non-residents and $5 for residents, plus it’s free after 9:00 p.m.

Barton Creek Greenbelt

Saturday Farmer’s Market
Every Saturday, rain or shine, the Sustainable Food Center supports local vendors and farmers by hosting a farmer’s market. With ready-to-eat foods from your favorite bakeries and fresh produce for when you want to cook, this market provides a sustainable way to support and buy local. Many artisanal products are available ranging from soap to hemp-based skincare making it the perfect place to shop for a little something for yourself or buy the perfect gift.  Every Saturday at Republic Square from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Saturday Farmers Market

Zilker Summer Musical
Zilker is the hub of summer events and the rest of the year. This year, the Zilker Theatre Production is debuting The Little Mermaid musical at the park. Bring some friends, a blanket, and bug spray to watch and sing along to the classic Disney songs we all know and love. For summer 2019, shows happen every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from July 12 to August 17 at Zilker Hillside Theatre at 8:15 p.m.

Mount Bonnell
As one of the highest points in Austin (other than our city skyscrapers), the views at Mount Bonnell are not one to miss. A popular destination for sunrise and sunset, take in the idyllic views of the Colorado River and downtown. With 102 steps, you’ll get your workout in, take some fun pictures, and enjoy a nice view. The mount is also a wonderful picnic destination and getaway.

Mount Bonnell

Pennybacker Bridge
Pennybacker Bridge, or commonly known as the 360 Bridge, is a curved bridge which offers the perfect place to capture the busy city. Crossing over Lady Bird Lake, the view combines the water and landscape for the perfect place to watch the sunset and see the whole expanse of the sky.

Pennybacker Bridge

South Congress
Just like New York has SoHo, Austin has SoCo. With funky and unique shops and eateries, SoCo embodies all the vibes of Austin as a landmark location with the iconic “I love you so much” mural. Visit Amy’s Ice Cream for a cool treat with flavors such as avocado and apple pie. You can also stop by the YETI flagship store for an experience like no other complete with a bar, customization station, and a display of historical artifacts.

South Congress

Movies in the Park
A take on drive-in movies, the Austin Parks Foundation hosts movie nights for everyone to enjoy in parks around town. There’s no specific genre, but come out and watch for the first time or re-watch your favorite classic movies from Space Jam to Harry Potter. Food trucks are available on-site where you can grab a bite from an Austin favorite. For the remainder of summer 2019, dates and movies are: July 25 (The Road to El Dorado) and August 16 (Caddyshack).

Yoga Summer Sunset Series
Presented by Wanderlust Yoga, this summer series event is not one to miss with free yoga Tuesday evenings. A perfect way to wind down and relax from the workday or your studies before heading home for the night. You don’t have to be an experienced yogi to enjoy this event which is suited for all levels. Bring a mat and bathe in the setting sun wearing your most fashionable athleisure fit. For summer 2019, yoga is every Tuesday between July 2 and August 27 from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

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