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U.S. Applications: Decision Timeline

MPA-U.S. admissions cycle

Congratulations! You completed your U.S. application! When can you expect to receive a decision?

We are beginning to process and review applications that were completed by December 1 and will start releasing decisions either before or immediately following UT-Austin’s winter break.

If you complete your application after the 12/1 early deadline, you can expect to receive a decision approximately one month after file completion.

NOTE: All materials, including official test scores, must be received in order for an application to be considered complete and reviewed for a decision. Be sure to check the status of your application on a regular basis!

How will you be notified after a decision has been made?

The decision will be posted on the Application Status Check page, and you will receive an e-mail notification from the Graduate and International Admissions Center. Students who are accepted to the MPA program also will receive an e-mail notification from the MPA Program Office with instructions for accepting or declining the admission offer.

You were admitted to another university and the acceptance deadline is approaching, but you haven’t received a decision from the Texas MPA program. What should you do?

If you should receive an admission offer from another university and need to respond to the offer before you receive a decision from the Texas MPA program, please send me an email message with the name of the university and the admission response deadline. Although we cannot guarantee an earlier admission decision, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

MPA Program Office Closed November 23-25

happy thanksgiving

The MPA Program Office will be closed November 23-25 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

McCombs Tax Team Advances to National Competition


Congratulations to the McCombs FanTAXtic Team  for advancing to the national case competition in January at Deloitte University!

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U.S. Applicants: December 1 Deadline


If you are working on completing your application by the December 1 early deadline… great! Your application will be first in line for consideration. However, do not worry if your application is not complete on December 1. Why?

  • The Texas MPA program uses a rolling admissions process in which we review applications in the order of completion, starting with those completed by December 1 and ending with those completed by the March 1 final deadline. Your chances for admission would not be affected if you complete your application several weeks after the 12/1 deadline, as it would still be early in our admissions cycle.
  • Yes, it is advantageous to complete your application as early as possible due to space limitations. However, you should take the time necessary to submit the strongest application possible rather than overly rushing. For example, you may need more time to study for the GMAT, or you might wait to submit your transcript until after your fall grades are posted if:
    1. You are taking pre-enrollment courses in the fall,
    2. You are enrolled in a significant number of accounting classes in the fall, or
    3. Your upper-level GPA will be improved substantially with your fall grades.
  • Your application will not be considered complete and reviewed for a decision until all application materials, including the official GMAT score report, have been received. On average, it takes at least 3 weeks for the score report to be sent, received, and loaded to an applicant’s record.

Do you have any concerns about your application? Please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help!

Please note: The rolling admissions process applies to U.S. applications only. All international applications will be reviewed after the January 5 application deadline.

International Applicant FAQs


Are all of the application materials required by the January 5 application deadline?

All application materials should be received by January 5. Applications that are completed after the deadline may be reviewed on a space-available basis after the first round of decisions have been made. Plan ahead: On average, it takes at least 3-4 weeks for official test scores to be sent, received, and loaded to an applicant’s record. Please send me an email message if you have any updates regarding your application as the deadline approaches.

When are international decisions released?

All international applications will be reviewed after the January 5 application deadline, not on a rolling basis. Admissions decisions are typically released throughout the month of February.

Do I need to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores if I studied in the U.S. or another English-only speaking country?

All international applicants must submit a TOEFL or IELTS score report, even if they studied in an English-only speaking country. See the admissions packet for additional information.

Do I need to submit a foreign credential evaluation from WES or another organization?

A foreign credential evaluation is not required. If a transcript is written in a language other than English, a complete and official English translation must be uploaded together with the original transcript.

Do I need to submit the Certification of Financial Responsibility with my application?

The Certification of Financial Responsibility is used for immigration document processing, not for admissions purposes. Therefore, the form and supporting documentation are not required for the completion of an admissions application. However, the International Office will not issue the Form I-20 or Form DS-2019 until a student has been officially admitted and certification of adequate financial resources has been received.

U.S. Applicants: When Should You Apply?

Now or later

We review U.S. applications on rolling basis, in the order of file completion, starting in December. Therefore, U.S. applicants benefit by completing their applications as early as possible in the admissions cycle. That said, if you need additional time to prepare your application (to prepare for the GMAT, for example), it is to your advantage to take your time and present the strongest application possible.

Should I submit my transcript by the December 1 early deadline or wait until my fall grades are posted?

I recommend that you submit your transcript after your fall grades are posted if:

  1. You are taking pre-enrollment courses in the fall,
  2. You are enrolled in a significant number of accounting classes in the fall, or
  3. Your upper-level GPA will be improved substantially with your fall grades.

Your chances for admission would not be affected if you wait for fall grades before submitting your transcript. Mid- to late December is still very early in our admissions cycle.

NOTE to international applicants: You must upload a transcript for a complete application by the January 5 application deadline, even if your fall grades are not available. If you wish to provide an updated transcript, you can send it to me via email as soon as the fall grades are posted to your transcript.

MPA Application: Resume


We recommend that you follow the MPA Application Resume Guidelines and the MPA Application Resume Template when constructing your resume for the MPA application.

Can MPA staff assist in constructing my resume?

Due to substantial MPA applicant volume, the MPA admissions and career services staff are unable to assist applicants with resume content or format. However, we have provided detailed guidelines, a list of action words and a Word template to assist you. If admitted, you will use this format again during the MPA recruiting process and receive individualized attention from our MPA career consultants. They will work with you to fine-tune your resume content to maximize its effectiveness.

If I have already submitted my resume, but it is not in the MPA format, how can I submit an updated resume?

Updated resumes can be submitted in the document upload system.

MPA Application: Transcripts


How should I submit my transcript(s)?

After you submit your online application, UT’s Graduate and International Admissions Center will send you an EID and password that you will use to log into the documents upload page and upload a copy of your official transcript(s). Please note: Most colleges and universities will not supply an official transcript in a .pdf version. Instead, you will need to obtain an official transcript and scan the hard copy into a .pdf document. Please refer to the instructions for uploading transcripts.

Do I need to submit community college transcripts?

Be sure to submit transcripts from junior or community colleges if you completed our pre-enrollment requirements or any accounting courses at these institutions. You should be able to locate the community college as an optional item in the application status check. However, if the community college is not listed, you can upload the transcript in the documents upload page as a “miscellaneous admissions document.”

If I need to submit a transcript from a foreign university, do I need to include a foreign credential evaluation from WES or another organization?

A foreign credential evaluation is not required. If a transcript is written in a language other than English, a complete and official English translation must be uploaded together with the original transcript.

MPA Application: Recommendation Letters


Who should write my letters of recommendation?

Choose references who know you in an academic or professional context and are familiar with your academic or professional achievements, credentials, career aspirations and work history, if applicable. Also consider references who can provide unique and diverse viewpoints. Through the recommendation letters and statement of purpose essay, we aim to learn about your strengths, personal qualities, skills, goals, and the potential for success in the classroom and as a professional.

Can I submit more than two recommendation letters?

Although only two recommendation letters are required for the MPA application, you are welcome to request more than two letters.

Will my references receive instructions for supplying their recommendation letters?

Yes. You will provide the names and email addresses of your references in the online application. After UT-Austin receives your application (approximately 1-2 working days after submission), your references will receive a “Request for Reference” email message which will contain instructions and a link to the recommendation system.

Can my references submit hard copy recommendation letters?

Submitting hard copies will significantly delay the processing of your application. As a result, we highly recommended that your references submit their recommendation letters online.

What should I do if I have already submitted my online application but need to send a recommendation request to an additional reference?

The Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC) will send you an assigned UT EID and password after you submit your online application. You will use the EID and password to log into the application status check. Under the “Letter of Recommendation” section, click on “Details,” and you will find a link to “Manage your recommendation requests.” From there, you will be able to resend the Request for Reference e-mail to any of your references or add a new reference.

MPA Application: GMAT


UT-Austin code for the GMAT: 396-44-94


  1. All MPA applicants are required to submit GMAT scores. No waiver requests are accepted.
  2. We do not accept the GRE in place of the GMAT.
  3. If feasible, plan to take the GMAT exam no later than mid fall because:
  • You will be required to wait 16 calendar days if you wish to retake the exam.*
  • Your scores will arrive at UT-Austin and become an official part of your application approximately 3 to 4 weeks after the official score report is requested.
  • All application materials, including the official test scores, must be received before the admissions committee will review your file for an admissions decision.

*If you retake the GMAT, the score report with the highest total score will be considered (scores are not averaged). If your application is complete and you are retaking the GMAT, please notify me of your new test date. The admissions committee will hold off on a decision until we receive the new test results.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to take the GMAT before I submit my application?

No. You can leave the GMAT section blank in the application if you haven’t taken the exam yet. Be sure to designate UT-Austin as a score recipient after you take the exam.

What is the minimum GMAT score the MPA program will consider?

The MPA program does not impose minimum scores and considers the GMAT in the context of a holistic review of all admissions criteria. That said, the GMAT is an important component of the MPA application. You may find it helpful to review our current student MPA class profile as well as the tips to make your application stand out.

Can I use test scores that are about to expire? 

GMAT scores are valid for five years from the test date. As long as the official score report is submitted to UT-Austin before the expiration of the exam, we can use the score for admission purposes. For example, if you took the exam in November 2011 and submit the scores before November 2016, we can use the scores for the entire fall 2017 application cycle. If you do not submit the scores by the exam expiration date, you would need to retake the exam.

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