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Interactive Map: Where Did Texas MBAs Intern This Summer?

This map shows where several members of the Texas Full-Time MBA Class of 2014 spent this summer completing their internships. Internship salary information, as well as function and industry breakdowns, can be found on the MBA Salary Statistics page on our website.

For more information on each student, click on their photo marker in the map below. Zoom out to view international internships. For the best viewing experience, open in a larger map.

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Summer Fun

I can’t believe my internship is wrapping up and that I’ll be back in Austin shortly! Summer has been super busy and here’s a quick peek into what I’ve been doing.


The entire internship experience at Adobe has been really positive. On the work side I was given the opportunity to run a project team and help shape the People Resources (HR) department’s analytics.

We built a playhouse with Habitat for Humanity

I’ve been able to leverage some prior HR knowledge and new project management skills from school. On the fun side, I’ve had a great opportunity to really get to know the culture and people at Adobe. I was able to partake in Be Involved month as evidenced in the photo to the left. We worked with Habitat for Humanity to build playhouses for military families. The event was a great way to bond with coworkers and the look on the little girls’ faces at the end of the event was priceless!

A few things did surprise me this summer – I joined Twitter (in attempts to win a contest at work. Check out @shelbydchin to see some cool things I found) and made really good connections with MBA students from across the country. Continue reading

A Sneak Peek Into The Professional World – My Internship

Three weeks into my internship. Already. No, seven weeks into my internship. Already. I started off with writing this blog at T = 3 but got a chance to continue only at T = 7! The saga of time just flying away continues. I have been busy working at Celanese Corporation headquartered in Dallas. It is a global technology and specialty materials company (www.celanese.com). How’s it been so far? One-word answer – Great! I like the company, its culture, my project and above all else, my colleagues and peers. It’s a very different experience for me, not having worked in corporate before. Approximately 80 minutes of drive in a day – 40 minutes each way; getting up at 6:00 a.m. each day (well – ok 6:30 really); occasionally packing lunch – these are a few things that I could definitely do without. Learning what I didn’t know; meeting other MBA interns; meeting with senior level executives; working on a project that will add value to the company; going out for lunches; be a part of other company activities to learn more about the business and culture – I am really enjoying it!

Texas Rangers Game

Rangers game with my peers and managers

Before joining school, I heard a lot about ‘fit matters’, ‘is this a good fit’, ‘would you be a good fit’, ‘would we be fit for you’. During and after my first year of school, I couldn’t agree more. And especially after the first few weeks in corporate world, where you expect yourself to spend a good deal of your day and work life, it definitely matters. The internship is a window that allows me to experience all of that. Industry trends, career progression and general work environment are important points to consider while making a choice. Another important aspect is the amount of effort the company puts in the development, progress and success of its interns. Since I joined, we’ve had intern receptions, planned activities such as going to the Rangers game, chats, conferences, golf outings etc. Continue reading

One (totally) new friend, every other day

If there was one thing, just one thing that I would point out about the full-time Texas MBA program, it would be the ridiculous amount of new people (I guess they call it “networking”) I have come to know since I’ve been in the program. On average, I’m meeting one new face every other day. That’s almost 200 people in a year! Think about it. One fine day, you wake up to go to work in the same environment, see the same boss, same colleagues, have lunch at the same restaurants or even at your desk, get groceries at the same supermarkets, and you’re doing this over and over for multiple years. How many NEW friends have you made in the past few years? How interesting are they? Do they all have the same hobbies and work in the same industry?

I get it. The point I’m trying to make here might not be applicable to everyone, but is to an average person like me who was not making new friends on a daily basis in my past life yet is crazy about diversity. Here, I’m practically making new friends anywhere and everywhere that the MBA program directly or indirectly brings me to. 230 classmates are undoubtedly new friends though I didn’t know every single one of them. I made new friends from several school activities that I participated in. For example, I got to know some BBAs Continue reading

A Quick Recap

It has been way too long since my last post. It’s scary to think that my second semester is almost halfway done. Let me try to quickly catch you up on what I’ve been doing.

The second half of last semester was a blur of case assignments, company information sessions, and then final exams. It’s a strange time of year because you have to strike a delicate balance between focusing on your coursework and dedicating time to learning about and making connections at companies so you’re better prepared for the formal internship recruitment process in the spring.

Winter break was a nice time to go home and see family, but it was also filled with countless cover letter rewrites for interview applications. Going through the application and interview process has been a strange experience. When you start business school it seems like there are so many possibilities and that you could do anything. The application process sobers you up to the fact that you’re only going to go through one of those doors, at least as far as an internship is concerned. Ultimately, you find the internship opportunity that is right for you. My advice to others who will be going through this same process next fall and winter is to keep that perspective in mind.

So far this semester has picked up where the last one left off.  In addition to a full course load, I’ve started an internship through Venture Fellows and have worked with the MBA Healthcare Association to put together a speaker panel for an upcoming healthcare symposium the school hosts. The internship keeps me busy and I’ve learned how to better manage my time as a result. The other big thing I have going on this semester is a Global Connections class. I just got back from a two week trip to India where our group visited several companies over there. Life as an MBA is never dull!

I’m going to sign off for now, but be on the lookout for a post about the India trip, and some pictures from the Taj Mahal and other famous Indian sites.

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