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International Student Spotlight: The Road to McCombs

Texas MBAs come from all over the world. This week we’re highlighting some of our international students who made the long trip to McCombs. Check out what they have to say about Austin, McCombs, and the advice they’d like to share with future international applicants.

Texas MBA Student Faraha Kukkady

Name: Faraha
City of Origin: Bangalore, India

Why did you choose the Texas MBA program? I wanted a school that was into social impact and also has a strong entrepreneurship program. I also had the fortune of visiting the school before applying and I loved the reception I received. It was a fit right away! And Austin has a great music scene, which is a bonus!

Any advice for others from India thinking about attending McCombs? McCombs has a lot of hidden gems which I discovered after I joined the program. I would advise speaking to as many students and alums as you can to understand how McCombs can help you achieve your goals.


Texas MBA Student ShinName: Shin
City of Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Why did you choose the Texas MBA program? I knew alumni from McCombs and they recommended I apply because it is an amazing school. The community is friendly, diverse and very open to new-comers.

Any advice for others from South Korea thinking about attending McCombs? McCombs has so many hands-on opportunities, like MBA+, which will prepare you for any business environment in your future. Austin also has great weather and super friendly people!


Texas MBA Student Martin Cantu Name: Martin
City of Origin: Monterrey, Mexico

Why did you choose the Texas MBA program? Texas MBA is a top MBA program that sets itself apart from other business schools. McCombs has a unique, friendly culture which helps anyone make the best of their program. A “pay it forward” attitude prevails in every McCombs student and alum. With the help of these networks, any goal seems feasible, and with Austin, a friendly, awesome city, included in the decision-making process, the choice becomes a no-brainer!

Any advice for others from Mexico thinking about attending McCombs? Come to Austin to meet the McCombs community! You will learn about the program, meet the admissions team, get to know current students and their experiences, and get advice on the future steps you need to take with your application (Take advantage of this opportunity, students want to help!) You will soon realize that the Texas MBA is the program you are looking for.


Texas MBA Student XiaopingName: Xiaoping
City of Origin: Shanghai, China

Why did you choose the Texas MBA program? First, McCombs offers a customizable schedule that can be tailored to my personal goals. I can dive deep into the Corporate Finance Concentration and the MBA+ Program, to convert learning into action. Second, I appreciate the culture, diversity and collaborative community of McCombs and UT. My cohorts at McCombs are community leaders with diversified backgrounds. Learning from their valuable thoughts and experiences can inspire me to think more deeply about my career goals, life philosophy, and my contributions to society.

Any advice for others from China thinking about attending McCombs? I did a lot of research to choose McCombs, and after arriving here, things are far beyond my expectations! I really enjoy the down-to-earth culture. Most Chinese applicants do not know much about Austin and Texas. Texas’s current economic situation is the best among all the states in the US. More and more companies, especially the high-tech companies, are moving into Texas for this reason. Austin is a fast-growing city and the people here are nice and warm and you can enjoy the city life as well as the great natural scenes.


Texas MBA Student Arjun Dhand

Name: Arjun
City of Origin: Dehradun, India

Why did you choose the Texas MBA program? I was looking for an MBA Program which would allow me to leverage my background in energy as well as provide world class education and professional opportunities. McCombs was therefore my top choice!

Any advice for others from India thinking about attending McCombs? Spend a lot of time reflecting on your experiences, professional, academic and generally in life. Find a theme in your experiences and tie them to your story. It’s YOUR story, no one can tell it better than you, and McCombs is a great place to do that.

To learn more about the Texas MBA program, admissions events, and application information, please visit the Texas MBA website.

There’s No Place Like McCombs: Visit Us in Austin and Around the World


Summer is here!  And with summer comes heat, sun, and travel.  We, too, will be hitting the road for a number of events around the world, and we wanted to take just a quick moment to let you know how you can find us this summer

Below, find a list of opportunities to meet us in a city near you.  If we are not visiting a city near you, then know we are always happy to have you here in Austin!  Austin is a great place to visit over the summer if you too love sun and heat, as well as live music, great food, and many places to take a dip in cool waterAdmissions Officers will be present all summer long, and if you plan in advance with us, we can do our best to have a current student or alumni here to meet you as well, just let us know. 

Without further pontificating, here is our general travel schedule.  Hope to see you on the road!

Domestic Coffee Chats

  • Our current 1st Years are all across the country now working at their summer internships.  We have asked many of them to host local coffee chats, an intimate opportunity with typically no more than 5-6 people, to discuss McCombs and their own experience during the application process through their first year at McCombs. Space is limited, so please register soon to ensure you get a seat at the table.  Visit the following link to see the full schedule and register:
  • McCombs Summer Coffee Chats Registration Link

Diversity Opportunities

  • We will be attending a number of events for the Consortium, MLT, and Forte, and if you are a member of those organizations, we look forward to seeing you there! 
  • If you are not a member of either of these organizations, or if you are and want another opportunity to meet us, we will be at the National Diversity MBA Summit in Washington, DC.  Here are the details:

International Opportunities

  • MBA Tour: We will be visiting many cities around the world with our friends at the MBA Tour.  Please visit their website for exact dates and instructions on registering.  Here are the cities we will be visiting:
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Lima, Peru
    • Bogotá, Columbia
    • Mexico City, Mexico
    • Taipei, Taiwan
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • Seoul, South Korea
    • Shanghai, China
    • Beijing, China

Come to Austin

  • If you can make it to Austin, please email us at TexasMBA@mccombs.utexas.edu.  We will do our best to accommodate a visit with us here at the MBA Program Office.

Other Outreach

  • For a comprehensive list of our Coffee Chats and Tour Events, please visit our website.
  • If you still cannot find an opportunity to meet one of us on our travels, then please make sure to reach out to a current student or an alumnus via our student and alumni directory.  They are happy to answer your questions and offer you advice as you begin the process of researching and applying for B-School.
  • Also remember that once the Fall hits, we will have a whole host of new opportunities to meet us both domestically and around the world, so stay tuned! 

A Global Community: Meet Our MBAs From Around The World

The Texas MBA community is made up of future business leaders from all around the globe, and the unique background and perspective that each student brings to the program adds greatly to the MBA experience at McCombs.

Below, meet some of our current first-year students as they share why they chose McCombs, offer tips on applying to business school, talk about adjusting to Austin, and more.

Texas MBA Student Anshu GuptaName: Anshu
Home Country: India
Undergrad: University of Delhi
Other Grad: Warwick University
Previous Job: Marketing Manager, Prosoya
MBA Concentration: Marketing and Consulting

Why did you choose the Texas MBA program?
McCombs has a unique, collaborative culture which offers an enriching MBA experience. Everyone at the school is genuinely interested in pushing you to do your best and assisting you with anything you may need to achieve your goals.

How has the McCombs community helped you adjust?
McCombs started helping me with the transition long before I arrived in Austin. I received detailed information about living options, getting around the city, the culture, food, daily expenses, student visas, and much more. Once I arrived in Austin Continue reading

Where Are Texas MBAs Studying Abroad?

The map below shows where Texas MBA students studied abroad during the 2012-13 school year.

Overall, 37 MBA students – 30 of them during the 2013 spring semester – participated in exchange programs at 13 different schools in 12 countries. Not all students are pictured on this map.

For more information on each location, click on individual location markers.

View Texas MBA Study Abroad 2012-13 in a larger map

Texas MBAs Take On South Africa

This is a guest post by Blair McGrain, a member of the Texas MBA at Dallas-Fort Worth class of 2013. This past December, Blair took part in a global trip to South Africa as part of the Texas MBA Program. He recounts the experience in the post below.

View of Cape Town

The city of Cape Town, South Africa. Photo by daniel.berlin on Flickr.

South Africa was always on my travel “bucket list” and a place that held a great deal of intrigue to me.  After experiencing what is probably just the tip of the iceberg in terms of things to do and see, I was absolutely blown away by the natural beauty of the country and the warmness of the people.  Plus, I had the added benefit of forming even better relationships with some of my Dallas and Houston program colleagues.

It all started with a well-run and fantastic agenda the school put together for us.  I’m sure it’s not easy herding 40-something students from place to place and keeping them fed and happy…but they did a great job keeping us organized, providing learning opportunities, and keeping a good balance between school and fun/culture.

Johannesburg, which is the epicenter of business and commerce in South Africa, is a bit dangerous and filled with a troubled past that you can almost feel in the air.  But what came across in the people we met is a sense of determination to create a new and better path forward.  Yes, some terrible and atrocious things took place over the past 60 years but most people seem to have embraced forgiveness as the way to a better society.  The township of Soweto (part of Johannesburg) is a tough place to see as a Westerner but I have to say they are the friendliest people I’ve ever come across.

Our trip was partitioned with Johannesburg on the front-end and Cape Town and the Cape Region on the back-end.  It is hard to find a fitting description of how beautiful Cape Town and the region truly is, and I was warned that I’ve probably never seen anything like it.  They were right.  I’ve traveled to many places in the world and I was surprised at the sheer number of must-sees.

The Cape Region wine country was a bit like “Sonoma meets The Rockies” and only an hour’s drive from the city.  It would have been stunning in any weather but we were fortunate to have the most crystal-clear day you’ve ever seen.  Plus, the outdoor luncheon and wine were pretty tasty too.

The Cape Town area also contains one of the world’s leading botanical gardens on the gradual slopes of Table Mountain. Listed as a World Heritage Site and claiming to have to more plant species than any other garden in the world, it was an amazing spectacle for anyone who loves the outdoors.

My travel tales would not be complete without a vivid description of our cage diving experience with the Great Whites off the southern cost of the Cape Region.  Upon my return I told everyone that it was simultaneously one of the most amazing and most miserable experiences I’ve ever had.  Seeing a 15-foot Great White a foot in front of you should be on everyone’s bucket list.  One of the other groups even experienced one biting the submerged metal cage they were in—inches from their faces!  What it made it such a miserable day was the seemingly endless seasickness that came with 18’ swells that day.  I never thought it would end…but I do have a funny visual of our group—14 of 18 total—lined up down the side of the boat throwing up one after another.

Ahhhh….good times.

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