Catching Up With Cam Houser, MBA ’10

Cam Houser of 3 Day StartupCam Houser, MBA ‘10, is the CEO of 3 Day Startup, an Austin-based academic program designed to teach entrepreneurial skills and enable students to start companies.

What brought you to McCombs for your MBA?
After graduating from Davidson College in 2000, I moved to Austin to do tech startups and play in bands. Both of those endeavors worked out swimmingly: I had a blast making records and playing in Austin’s live music scene as well as working at early stage startups. The bulk of my startup experience came from a company called Despair, Inc and its sister company Amplifier. Being part of the rapid growth of these companies was a life-changing experience and the founders opened my eyes to startups and ecommerce. One of the founders of Amplifier–Joel Bush–had an MBA from Texas and I was really impressed with his wide-ranging capabilities and lens for how he viewed a business. I wanted those same skills and that same perspective on how to run a business so I decided to take the plunge at McCombs.

How did your experience here impact you?
I took away a lot from the program but here are some highlights: I am a firm believer that you are a product of your peers and being surrounded by so many smart, hardworking classmates forced me to step my game up. I did two MBA+ Projects my first semester, Read more ›

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Application Now Live for Working Professional and Executive MBA

The Fall 2013 applications are now live for Texas MBA for Working Professionals and Executives programs. Further info and instructions can be found on the Admissions pages, which are listed below for each program:

On these pages, you will find detailed instructions for completing your application, what we are looking for in applicants, application deadlines and more. Additionally, our admissions team will be hosting a Tips and Tricks to the Application webinar next month to walk you through the Fall 2013 admission process.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Good luck on your application!

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Tips and Tricks to the Full-Time Application Webinar Next Week

Have questions about the newly-launched Fall 2013 Texas MBA Full-Time application? Well, tune in to our Tips and Tricks to the Application Webinar next week and you may just find the answers you’re looking for!

Application Steps

Get detailed info on each section of the Fall 2013 Application from the Admissions Team during our Tips and Tricks to the Application Webinar next week.

Join the Admissions Team on Monday, September 24 at 12pm (CST) for the hour-long session, in which an A-Team representative will provide an overview of the entire Fall 2013 application process. During the webinar, we will walk you through the process in detail and address some of the most pressing questions about applying to the Texas MBA program.

To register for this webinar, visit the online events page on our website and follow the instructions to sign up.

We hope you can join us!

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The Full-Time Texas MBA Application Is Now Live

We’ve got exciting news – the application for the Full-Time Texas MBA program is open! For information on how to apply, visit the Applying to McCombs page on our website.

In order to make the application process go as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together detailed instructions to help walk you through the process step-by-step and explain each different element of the application. Additionally, we will be hosting a “Tips and Tricks to the Application” webinar on September 24 which will provide a complete overview of the Fall 2013 application process and address some of the most pressing questions about applying to the Texas MBA program.

The Texas MBA admissions process is highly competitive and the Admissions Committee is committed to ensuring that each application is holistically reviewed. Visit our Admissions page to find out what we are looking for in applicants.

We look forward to a great group of applicants again this year and are excited as we begin putting together the Texas MBA Class of 2015!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions throughout the process.

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Regents Approve New Graduate Business Education Center

Originally posted by Renee Hopkins on McCombs Today.

blueprintsLast week the University of Texas System Board of Regents approved a proposal for a new, $155 million, 458,000-square-foot Graduate Business Education Center. If all goes according to plan, the new building will open in February 2017, on Whitis Avenue between MLK and 20th Streets across from the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center.

The new building is the cornerstone of a facilities plan that also includes renovations to the existing College of Business Administration and Graduate School of Business buildings, both of which will be devoted to undergraduate education once the new building opens.

“In our current space, we can’t educate either graduate or undergraduate students the way we want to,” said Eric Hirst, McCombs associate dean. “Most importantly, we don’t have the ability to share fully the intellectual capital of the school. We’re constrained by lack of space from offering all sorts of specialized electives. We also need the space to be configured much differently than it is now. The new building will solve those problems.

“It’s a multi-step process. Once the graduate programs and students have moved into the new building, we can work on the existing buildings.”

MBA student needs are different from undergraduate student needs, said Hirst. The new building will be configured much like the kind of office environments where MBAs have worked, with space for teamwork and large-group meetings, as well as rooms for negotiations and client presentations.

“We’ll have great opportunities and lots of flexibility,” explained Hirst. “A classroom could start out large in the morning, then soundproof partitions can be brought in to make smaller rooms for new electives the afternoon.” The new building will also include state-of-the-art telecommunications capabilities to facilitate long-distance collaboration, perhaps even with Texas MBA students in the DFW, Houston, and Mexico City programs.

“We’ll be able to do the kind of things we need to do to run a modern, top-quality MBA program and remain competitive with other top programs for the best students,” said Hirst.

The building itself has not yet been designed—the image here shows a concept design for development purposes only that has not yet been approved by Board of Regents for construction.

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September Events Schedule

September Events Schedule

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McCombs Ranked 4th For Hispanic MBA Students

Hispanic Business Best Schools 2012Hispanic Business magazine ranked the McCombs School of Business the no. 4 best business school for Hispanic MBA students in their annual survey of graduate schools released this week. McCombs has placed in the top five in this survey for 14 years in a row.

The Hispanic Business ranking measures “the effectiveness of U.S. universities in attracting Hispanic students.” Hispanics make up 6.2% of McCombs’ total graduate enrollment of 534.

McCombs is a 27-year member in the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, a 17-university alliance that seeks to increase the number of minorities in MBA programs and managerial positions in business. McCombs also participates in local and national events with the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and actively recruits Hispanics at recruiting events in major cities across the United States. Additionally, the school hosts the Texas MBA Diversity Forum on campus each fall.

Top universities were qualified for inclusion through five distinct variables that illustrate the programs’ commitment to diversity measures toward Hispanics. The methodology behind the business school rankings weights most heavily the number and percentage of enrolled Hispanic students, but also takes into account: student retention rate; the percentage of full-time Hispanic faculty; the variety of student services that focus on the Hispanic community; and the reputation of the school as seen in U.S. News and World Report’s annual rankings.

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Welcome Back Students!

With classes officially starting today here on the UT-Austin campus, we just wanted to say – WELCOME BACK!

For students in several of our programs this welcome is a little late, as you already started classes, and for others a little early, since you have yet to begin. Regardless, we’re very happy to have you at McCombs. Everyone in the MBA Program Office has worked incredibly hard over the summer to get ready for the semester ahead, and we have a lot of great things planned. Stay tuned.

It’s going to be another amazing semester and we’re glad you could join us for it.


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Texas Enterprise Speaker Series Presents Professor Vijay Mahajan

The Arab World Unbound: Tapping into the Power of 350 Million Consumers

As the global marketplace continues to expand, so do opportunities to invest, especially in the Arab World. Collectively the ninth-largest market in the world, the Arab world consists of 22 countries and has more than 350 million consumers.

But the Arab market is generally not well understood by outsiders. This is your opportunity to learn about the Arab markets, based on Dr. Vijay Mahajan’s firsthand research and interviews.

In his presentation on September 4, Professor Mahajan will peel away Western-world stereotypes of Arab consumers to reveal diverse, vibrant and entrepreneurial consumer markets. Through Mahajan’s rich blend of data and anecdotal observations, you will learn how hundreds of local and multinational companies (such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Proctor & Gamble) have already learned how to respect the region’s culture and religious norms and to create successful businesses in Arab markets. Mahajan will share their successful strategies.

Dr. Vijay Mahajan’s new book on this subject, The Arab World Unbound: Tapping into the Power of 350 Million Consumers (Wiley Jossey-Bass Publishing), was released in August 2012.

Vijay Mahajan holds the John P. Harbin Centennial Chair in Business at the McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin.

For more information and to register, visit the event web page.

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Motivated By Change

Originally posted by Danielle Wells on McCombs Today.

Arthur Mills IV

Arthur Mills IV, BBA ’96, MBA ’04, has enjoyed a career that’s taken him from financial services, to consumer packaged goods, to his current role as director of project management and strategic initiatives at Fulton County Schools in Atlanta. He also interviews prospective McCombs students and frequently speaks on panels at Explore McCombs events.

Mills discusses what it takes to transition from the private to public sector and how his business background prepared him for a career in education reform.

What were some of the highlights of your undergraduate years at McCombs?

The contextual lessons I learned from Steven Tomlinson, Jim Nolen, Sara White and Herb Miller, to name a few, have endured throughout my career. I also enjoyed working in the Dean of Students Office mentoring other students in the program. I’m especially proud to have been another friendly resource for guidance and support for other African American business students.

What did you do after graduation?

I was fortunate to have interned with GE Capital, so I spent the first years after college working in finance and risk management. I also worked for BNSF and later, Dell, building my experience in new industries and in varying corporate cultures. Those first few years created the foundation for my career and were highly valuable.

What did it feel like to come back as a graduate student?

The campus had changed a great deal between my undergraduate and graduate years on campus. Yet, I felt like I was home, in a place where I could succeed, make amazing connections, and prepare for whatever the future had in store for my career.

What did you do after graduating with your MBA?

I did my MBA internship in a strategy and finance role with General Mills, in Minneapolis. Emblematic of my career, a move to consumer-packaged goods Read more ›

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