August Events Schedule

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Meet Our Admissions Team On The Road!


From São Paulo to Los Angeles, New York to Beijing, and many more cities in between, the Texas MBA Admissions team is out on the road to meet the class of 2015. We are joining the best MBA programs from around the globe on the top MBA tours and we want you to meet us there.

This fall introduce yourself to the Texas MBA Program by attending Forte Foundation Forum, QS World MBA Tour, Kaplan’s Road to Business School, The MBA TourConsortium MAPS, and Inside the MBA Tour events in a city near you.

These events are an ideal opportunity to get a jump start on your MBA experience and application process. Our admissions officers will be on hand with alumni to answer your questions about everything, including our #1 ranked faculty, top-notch career management team, and flexible curriculum, as well as offer insight on how to best approach the application process.

Check out our events calendar to see where we will be and when. We look forward to meeting you!

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Catching Up With Max Amurao, MBA Class Of 2012

I recently caught up with Max Amurao, a member of the Texas MBA at Dallas-Fort Worth class of 2012, to ask about his career, his experience in the program, and how he plans to spend his time after graduation.

Max Amurao PhotoMax, can you tell me a little bit about what you do?
My official title is Director of Radiation Safety at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. I’m also an adjunct assistant professor in the Radiology Department at Georgetown University Medical Center, and practice clinically as a Medical Imaging Physicist. I know it’s a lot of highfalutin words, but basically if something at the hospital has anything to do with radiation, lasers, or magnets then I’m involved with it at some point.

I heard that you recently won an award – what was that for?
The award I just won was an internal award as an “Outstanding Volunteer Professor” for teaching Physics to Radiology Residents (physicians in training). Interestingly enough, they actually need this information – among many other things/topics – to pass their specialty board exams in Radiology. The graduating class (who all passed) was kind enough to recognize my efforts.

Why did you want to get an MBA and how will it help you achieve your career goals?
I wanted to see the broader picture of the ecosystem that I was working in. As a medical physicist, I was able to delve into the technical, clinical/medical, and even academic aspects of healthcare delivery – but I quickly realized that the financial and managerial aspects were critical components of the whole process. I was “hooked” after realizing that, and I knew that enrolling in a respected/reputable MBA program was the best way forward. In broad strokes, my career goal is to be in a leadership position at the confluence of technology, healthcare and business. The first step in progressing toward that goal is a solid educational foundation and I consider myself incredibly lucky and blessed to have earned my PhD and MBA from University of Texas programs.

So, did you commute every other weekend from DC? Of all the options out there, why did you choose the Texas MBA at Dallas-Fort Worth?
I started the program while I was living in Dallas while working at Baylor Health Care System. It was exactly what I needed – I was a mid-career professional, with a non-business background, who needed the formal education while keeping my full time job. I was a “local” Dallas student for a year. I then moved to Durham, North Carolina for a Read more ›

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Where Are Texas MBAs Interning? [Interactive Map]

Curious about where students in our full-time program are completing their summer internships? The map below shows where several members of the Texas MBA Class of 2013 are spending the break from school and what they are working on.

For more information on each student, click on their photo in the map below.

View Where Are Texas MBAs Interning This Summer? in a larger map

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July Events Schedule

July Events

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Full-Time MBA Concentrations: Consulting

While there are no required majors for Texas MBAs, about half of the student body chooses to concentrate in an academic discipline. While optional, these market-driven concentrations are designed to position graduates for outstanding employment prospects and can offer an advantage in today’s dynamic workplace.

Each year, approximately 20 percent of Texas MBA graduates go into consulting, joining an industry that is home to some of the brightest and most versatile talent in business today. Whether students specialize their studies or take a more generalist approach, they leave McCombs prepared in all the core business disciplines, with a foundation to rely on time and time again in any number of consulting engagements.

Students who concentrate in McCombs’ top-20 management program choose from an array of courses designed to increase skills in developing and strategically managing people and processes. Regardless of business area, consultants must have the knowledge and understanding to quickly adapt to each new project while serving as both problem-solver and creative strategist.

“Consulting requires skills that allow one to make sense of complex situations, solve difficult problems and develop creative solutions. Our program provides students with countless opportunities to develop those skills,” says James Frederickson, a professor in the department of management here at McCombs.

Consulting Brochure

Click on image to download our Consulting Brochure.

The flexible, interdisciplinary approach of the consulting concentration allows students to tailor their own consulting specialty (e.g., marketing, management, IT, public policy, etc.), while courses common to all specialties in the concentration teach students those consulting skills essential for rapid advancement in a consulting firm. The hands-on, team-based approach used at McCombs develops critical thinkers that can successfully analyze, manage, and sell projects as consultants.

Courses in the consulting concentration prepare students to lead through experience in teamwork and relationship building. Students take on roles as both leaders and team members in classroom cases, simulation exercises, and real world consulting projects. Through intensive review of business cases and participation in company projects, students learn to solve complex issues using analytical rigor, in-depth research, and strategic thinking.

Additionally, McCombs offers ample opportunities to gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom through the Graduate Consulting Group, Deloitte Consulting Challenge, and MBA+ Leadership Program.

For more information on this concentration, visit the consulting page on our website and download the brochure above.

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Chat With A Current Texas MBA This Summer

McCombs MBAs chat The Texas MBA Program is excited to announce the return of Coffee Chats this summer.

As many current Texas MBAs venture off to new cities to complete their internships, several of them have set aside time to meet up with prospective students along the way. The students will be on hand at local coffee shops to answer any questions about the program as well as address concerns about the application process. These informal Coffee Chats present a unique opportunity for you to get a taste of what it’s like to be a Texas MBA, especially if you haven’t been able to visit Austin yet.

The students will be hosting Coffee Chats in 10 different cities over the break, including Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. A full list of cities can be found on our Coffee Chats page, where you will also find information about how to register.

We really hope that you are able to take advantage of this great opportunity and make it out to one of these events. Our students can’t wait to meet you!

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Take Advantage Of Online Event Archives

Bummed that you missed one of the webinars we hosted during the school year? Don’t be! Webinar recordings and chat transcripts from all past online events are found listed on the online event pages of our website. Just visit the “Webinar Recordings” and “Chat Transcript” tabs on either the Full-Time Online Events page or Working Professional and Executives Online Events page.

Webinar Screenshot

While we don’t currently have any any online events remaining on our schedule (check back again at the end of the summer to see what we have planned for next year!), having this archive allows you to access tons of great information at any time with just the click of your mouse. On these pages you will find recordings from webinars such as Tips and Tricks to the Application, International Student Life, and Program Highlights, as well as transcripts with all the questions and answers from our Admissions Office Hours chats this year.

These webinar recordings and chat transcripts will help you to learn what the Texas MBA Program is all about and hopefully answer some of the questions that you may have.

We encourage you to take a look!

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Texas MBAs Take On South Africa

This is a guest post by Blair McGrain, a member of the Texas MBA at Dallas-Fort Worth class of 2013. This past December, Blair took part in a global trip to South Africa as part of the Texas MBA Program. He recounts the experience in the post below.

View of Cape Town

The city of Cape Town, South Africa. Photo by on Flickr.

South Africa was always on my travel “bucket list” and a place that held a great deal of intrigue to me.  After experiencing what is probably just the tip of the iceberg in terms of things to do and see, I was absolutely blown away by the natural beauty of the country and the warmness of the people.  Plus, I had the added benefit of forming even better relationships with some of my Dallas and Houston program colleagues.

It all started with a well-run and fantastic agenda the school put together for us.  I’m sure it’s not easy herding 40-something students from place to place and keeping them fed and happy…but they did a great job keeping us organized, providing learning opportunities, and keeping a good balance between school and fun/culture.

Johannesburg, which is the epicenter of business and commerce in South Africa, is a bit dangerous and filled with a troubled past that you can almost feel in the air.  But what came across in the people we met is a sense of determination to create a new and better path forward.  Yes, some terrible and atrocious things took place over the past 60 years but most people seem to have embraced forgiveness as the way to a better society.  The township of Soweto (part of Johannesburg) is a tough place to see as a Westerner but I have to say they are the friendliest people I’ve ever come across.

Our trip was partitioned with Johannesburg on the front-end and Cape Town and the Cape Region on the back-end.  It is hard to find a fitting description of how beautiful Cape Town and the region truly is, and I was warned that I’ve probably never seen anything like it.  They were right.  I’ve traveled to many places in the world and I was surprised at the sheer number of must-sees.

The Cape Region wine country was a bit like “Sonoma meets The Rockies” and only an hour’s drive from the city.  It would have been stunning in any weather but we were fortunate to have the most crystal-clear day you’ve ever seen.  Plus, the outdoor luncheon and wine were pretty tasty too.

The Cape Town area also contains one of the world’s leading botanical gardens on the gradual slopes of Table Mountain. Listed as a World Heritage Site and claiming to have to more plant species than any other garden in the world, it was an amazing spectacle for anyone who loves the outdoors.

My travel tales would not be complete without a vivid description of our cage diving experience with the Great Whites off the southern cost of the Cape Region.  Upon my return I told everyone that it was simultaneously one of the most amazing and most miserable experiences I’ve ever had.  Seeing a 15-foot Great White a foot in front of you should be on everyone’s bucket list.  One of the other groups even experienced one biting the submerged metal cage they were in—inches from their faces!  What it made it such a miserable day was the seemingly endless seasickness that came with 18’ swells that day.  I never thought it would end…but I do have a funny visual of our group—14 of 18 total—lined up down the side of the boat throwing up one after another.

Ahhhh….good times.

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June Events Schedule

June Events

In June we’ll be hosting info sessions for each of our Working Professional MBA programs. These events are a great opportunity to meet our team and find out what it takes to become a Texas MBA.

We hope you can join us!

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