A Peek into Lyceum: Our Chat with Niloufar Molavi of PwC

This Wednesday, the sophomore Canfield BHP class had the pleasure of hosting Niloufar Molavi, the Global and US Energy leader at PwC, for the fifth time in five years. 

In a conversation that covered topics ranging from Molavi’s decision to attend UT as an accounting major to an overview of her future career goals, Molavi once again proved herself as an immeasurable resource for the McCombs community. 

When asked why she comes back to speak to students year over year, Molavi said she aims to pay it forward, whether it be through speaking to students or in other capacities. While at McCombs, Molavi said she was an active member of AKPsi and made an effort to make friends outside the business school as well. She advises current students to take advantage of UT’s breadth and learn both inside and outside the classroom. 

“I’m happy to share what I learned and explain why it’s important to take advantage of all the resources students have available while here (at UT Austin) and the importance of (being) involved and engaged,” Molavi said. “It’s not just about showing up, going to class and going home and having a great time on the weekends.”

Molavi has worked at PwC for 28 years and said the extracurriculars she participated in at UT prepared her for success in the workplace. The leadership opportunities she had taught her to be confident outside her comfort zone.

“UT taught me how to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s a safe environment to learn and make mistakes,” Molavi said. “When I entered the real world it was amazing how many of the experiences that I had while at UT replicated themselves; it was just a very different environment.” 

While Molavi praised UT resources and organizations, she also commended the McCombs accounting program and the students and faculty who make it up. She said the program gave her a basis for success and has maintained its reputation since she graduated. 

“(The accounting program) continues to be number one and was number one when I was here (at McCombs),” Molavi said. “And of course there’s a reason for that. I think it’s attributable to the strong curriculum, the faculty, and the students who are attracted to it.”

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