Congratulations to BHP Sophomore Case Competition Winners

This past Friday BHP sophomores participated in a case competition for the BHP Sophomore Lyceum. The case from Dell tasked students with analyzing the current state of the PC industry and recommending a strategy for Dell to win in its PC business in China. A panel of McCombs professors and Dell employees judged the presentations.

The winning team members were Nakul Shah, Jeremy Tsui, Tommy Moore, and Andrew Smith. Their presentation really stood out and all four team members made a big impression on the judges.

Students advancing to the final round from other teams were Jane Tedjajuwana, Linda Shi, Philip Berthelsen, Jimmy Cao, Robert Ma, Simi Kavthekar, Daisy Hao, Priyanka Thupili, Becky Pickert, Audrey Mehrl, Margaret Sone, and Armiya Humphrey.

Congratulations to all finalists and to all sophomores for doing a great job!

  1. Anuj, here is an answer to your question from one of the team members from the winning team.

    “We named our solution “Guanxi” which translates to relationships in China. We wanted to change Dell’s image from being a foreign company to one that cares about the development of China. Our main goal was to increase Dell’s presence in the PC market of China, and so our solution focused mainly on synergizing between the different customer groups that Dell serves to provide maximum benefits to the consumer. Furthermore, we focused mainly on rural China since that is the market that has the most potential to grow due to government subsidies and programs aimed at developing that area. We packaged this strategy with marketing that would establish Dell in the next few years as a company that focused on reliability, quality, and service.”

    -Nakul Manish Shah

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