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UT System Seminar Takeaways

Carmella Magnes (@luvROI) works with the wonderful team at St. Ed’s and spoke about the shift to left brained, or more quantitative, marketing.

Are you right or left brained? Take this test to find out.

  • it’s not how creative you can be, it’s how you can help my business
  • from ‘how to spend X?’ to ‘how little can I spend?’
  • moving segments through a cycle to an action
  • from parallel efforts to complimentary synergies
  • the Web has become an ala cart buffet (that give heartburn)
  • better to have a gourmet selection
  • effective strategies require
    • a 30K ft view
    • channel blindness
    • segmentation
  • we’re not good at marketing marketers
  • define KPIs! The KPI funnel:
    • leads
    • qualified leads
    • prospects
    • yield
  • the new left brained tactics: SEO, SEM, SMM
  • alt tags: honey to Google’s bees
    • not just for accessibility
    • tag every photo and graphic
    • avoid being too literal
    • use your keywords
    • write as sales message

St. Ed’s crafted a social media policy in 18 mos. with a comitte of 8-12 which had to address

  • personal v professional distinctions
  • ‘outside site’ surfing hr policies updated

She highly recommends the book The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

Her synopsis.

  1. Always have at least one measurable
  2. Translate to business results
  3. Project results forward
  4. Seek champions
  5. (I didn’t write it down, doh!)

Paul Walker’s Social Media Strategy In Seven Steps

Social Media Strategy Project

  1. Interview stakeholders on goals, objectives
  2. Assess the online conversation, ID key influencers
  3. Brainstorm with creative digital and social media pro’s –listen, influence, engage, convert ideas
  4. Define KPIs & Performance Mgt. approach
  5. Package the program
  6. Sell the program to stakeholders
  7. Execute + Performance Management

Find the .pdf of this info and other presentations from the first UT Social Media Collective agenda.