I’m excited to begin writing about the creation of our new website, and the implementation of our content management system. I plan to use this blog to help keep everyone up to date on the status of the web team as we move forward, as well as to write some articles on our process and how each of you fit into it.

I thought I’d begin by laying out some definitions.

Content Management System (CMS)
A web-based program used to help site owners and editors to manage, edit, and publish content easily. Content can mean text, images, documents, or forms. There are lots of content management systems out there. WordPress, which runs this blog, is an example of a simple, but robust content management system. Sharepoint is an example of an enterprise-level content management system. The difference is the goal of the system. For WordPress, the goal is blogging. For Sharepoint, the goal can range from handling internal documents to running your entire web presence.
Sitecore is our chosen CMS. It was chosen for a number of reasons, but none more important than the simplicity of allowing you to edit your content. The web team has long had the goal of removing itself as the middle man between you and your content. Sitecore will allow us to do that, while simultaneously ensuring quality and consistency.
User Experience (UX)
If I’ve ever spoken to you, I’ve probably prattled on and on about user experience. Get ready, there’s more to come. Quite simply, user experience deals with the interaction between the user and your website, or “their experience.” There are a number of best practices and processes that I will detail in later posts that will help us to create a positive user experience.

That’s all for now. If you work with someone involved in our site, let them know what where trying to do here.