McCombs Spring Case Competition

Last week, the official McCombs Spring Case Competition kicked off on April 7, 2014. There were 25 teams participating in the competition and the sponsor was ConocoPhillips.  a
At the kickoff, each team was given the case. The two questions each participating team faced was, “Given these considerations, how should ConocoPhillips proceed with the Ecuador drilling situation? Should ConocoPhillips enter this Ecuadorian region or pursue other options?”
The teams were given a week to come up with a solution and present it before a panel of judges. During that week, the McCombs Case Committee hosted a Meet & Greet where students could ask further questions to the ConocoPhillips recruiter, Josh Pratt, as well as a midnight munchies event with snacks from Panera Bread, Einsteins, and more the night before the competition.
On the day of the competition, all 25 teams were still participating. They were divided into 5 rooms of 5 for the preliminary rounds. The winning team from each room would then advance to finals. The teams that made it to finals include Wayne Enterprises, Strategy & Execution, Marble Peak Associates, Baker Street Partners, and Alpha Solutions.
 During the finals, the five competing teams then presented their case solutions to a panel of 7 judges. The top three teams placed, and then all teams were given feedback after the finals. The winning teams were Alpha Solutions, Marble Peak Associates, and Baker Street Partners.

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