UBC in the Texas Revue Talent Show

UBC (performing group) copySaturday, April 12th, 2014 was the glorious night of the Texas Revue Talent Show, during which the Undergraduate Business Council (UBC) was featured as a contesting act. UBC performed “Surviving the Grade”, a musical hatched from the minds and hearts of Hortencia Campbell and her phenomenal committee, to spread the precious gift of comedic fulfillment. This production takes a sudden journey into the 90s to present a story of overcoming the dismay of academic pitfalls at the University of Texas and striving for success in a manner that plays with the strings of situational humor and ignites nostalgia. The idea behind the musical is to remind students that despite the monstrous anxiety that is associated with academic struggles, GPAs will go on! Outside UBC’s mission to unite faculty and students in the effort to create a better business school that is filled with innovative and compassionate leaders, UBC sings, dances, and acts! After the long preparation of many weeks of practice, set design, and much laughter, UBC was able to grant the audience an enjoyable evening of much deserved side-splitting laughter. UBC’s Texas Revue committee hopes to continue to provide top-notch performances that leave audiences with joy for years to come! Thank you to everyone who came out to support!

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