Company Field Trips: T3

On Feb 28, 2014, twenty-five McCombs students when on a company visit to T3 (“The Think Tank”). T3 is one of US’s top integrated marketing and digital advertising agencies headquartered in Austin. Their CEO, Gay Gaddis, started the largest advertising agency owned by a female in 1989. Today, T3’s clients in UPS, JC Penney, Coca-cola, and JP Morgan.


Not is T3 known for it’s several achievements, it’s also known for it’s great company culture. At VISIT T3, students got a glimpse of the culture. Jill Prentice gave a hilarious and inspiring presentation about the firm, what her job as Business Development Manager entailed, and what it was like to work for T3. She showed attendees a short film about T3 and all of it’s accomplishments for the year 2013. She and Kelsi Haden, head of Human Resources, held a Q&A about T3 and their favorite experiences. Afterwards, students got a tour of the trendy office. There were adopted dogs in the office, cool Austin art, and a leftover keg from “Keg Thursdays”. While most attendees were marketing majors, VISIT T3 gave a great impression to students of all majors. It was an exciting event. Thanks to everyone who showed up!

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