BBA Legacy Midnight Munchies

IMG_6562On March 26, 2014 the BBA Legacy Campaign Committee hosted its brand-new campaign event, Midnight Munchies. The food-filled event, which started at 10 PM, was held on the fourth floor of McCombs right outside two prime study spots. For a donation to the campaign, students were able to snag a variety of food items including bagels, chips, gelato, PB&J sandwiches, soda, and coffee. McCombs students were attracted to the BBA Legacy table because of the food, and left not only with study snacks but also more information about the Legacy Campaign. Midnight Munchies was an event intended to increase awareness of BBA Legacy and aimed to reach out to the diverse group of students that study in the building.

The purpose of the BBA Legacy Campaign is to instill a culture of giving in McCombs so that in the future, they are more inclined to donate as alumni. Midnight Munchies was one of four events during the two week campaign that hoped to generate buzz about BBA Legacy.

The campaign continues through April 5, 2014 so be on the lookout for more exciting events. Our legacy belongs to us, so please remember to donate!

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