VIP: OfficeMax

Mr. Ravi Saligram, former CEO and President of OfficeMax participated in the VIP Distinguished Speaker Series, leaving students inspired with his down to earth personality and invaluable advice. During the Q&A with Dean Gilligan, Mr. Saligram emphasized the importance of doing business in an ethical way and focusing on how business results are achieved. When asked of his greatest professional accomplishment, Mr. Saligram remarked that it would be seeing the success of people he worked with. He advised students to “take people who are average and make them above average,” further stating the importance of being a team player who does not succeed at the expense of others.


During the event, Mr. Saligram’s focus on ethics and doing business the right way demonstrated Mr. Saligram’s commitment to his values. Furthermore, his emphasis on investing his time in others further illustrated why he has become so successful. We look forward to seeing all that Mr. Saligram will accomplish in the future. This was such a wonderful way to start off the semester and we look forward to another semester filled with views, insights, and perspectives.

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