McCombs Town Hall: Millennium Lab

On January 21st, 2014, McCombs students were invited to attend a discussion over the closing of the much beloved Millennium “Mil” Lab. Dean Platt led the discussion, informing students on McCombs’s new plan for the Mil Lab and dean platt 2the actions the school is taking to address student’s concerns over the loss of the Mil Lab.

He was excited to announce the big news that McCombs will open two new Active Learning Classrooms “ALCs” in place of the Mil Lab. The ALCs will be modeled after the classrooms at the Deloitte University training campus in Dallas and supported by a $500,000 grant from Deloitte. As Dean Platt put it, “A top-10 business school needs top-10 facilities, so this is exciting news indeed!” ALCs are designed to facilitate group interaction, to allow professors to freely move around the classroom to better engage with their students, and to give faculty and students the opportunity to work with the latest technology.

Though this innovative upgrade is great news, many students were still upset at the loss of the lab. Dean Platt alleviated students’ concerns when he spoke on all the actions McCombs was taking to ensure that students would still have the capabilities provided to them by the Mil Lab. Just a few of the many changes mentioned were adding more power and additional furniture to the side of the Atrium to facilitate group work, implementing a cloud-based solution for software availability called mCloud that allows access to all software needed for McCombs class from any laptop, and opening the Mod Lab to students between 5pm and midnight.

This informative discussion not only gave students a better understanding of McCombs’ decision to pursue the ALCs in place of the Mil Lab but also gave them exciting changes to look forward to in the coming year!

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