Rivals Week: Engineering vs. Business

From November 3-8, business and engineering students came together for the annual Rivals Week: Engineering versus Business. Rivals Week is hosted by UBC and the Student Engineering Council, and it is a time where the two schools have the opportunity to come together and enjoy a week of friendly competition. The week started with Kickoff, where Rivals Week’s sponsor, Accenture, welcomed all the students to the games. After a brief mingling session, the games began with a series of team-building field games, such as water balloon toss and a relay race.


On Day 2, students competed in “Whose Line is it Anyway?” to see who was funnier. Gigglepants, the host for the evening, pulled games from the actual show, such as “Waiter, There’s a ‘Doctor’ in a Soup” and the Dating Game. Following a night of laughs, Day 3 of Rivals Week was Capture the Flag. Despite the stormy weather, students still had fun racing pass Austin’s Capitol in order to capture the other school’s flag.  Our next event was Trivia. Both sides strove to beat the other as they answered questions about Pop Culture, Sports, and UT’s history. On Day 5, Accenture helped us host our Design Build and Sell event. At this event, business and engineering students formed teams to develop and pitch a solution to the problem of the decrease usage of plastic bags in Austin.  Our last day of competition consisted of a final Dodgeball showdown and a closing ceremony. At this ceremony, Accenture announced the winners, and students had the opportunity to mingle with one another. Although the engineers were the victors of the year’s Rivals Week, the business kids will be ready to take back their honor next year.

Both the UBC and SEC’s Rivals Week committee would like to thank Accenture for all of its support!

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