VIP Distinguished Speaker Series: Duff Stewart from GSD&M

Duff Stewart from GSD&MOn November 14, Mr. Duff Stewart, CEO and President of the advertising agency, GSD&M, participated in the VIP Distinguished Speaker Series, providing students with insights regarding leadership, academics, and life. He spoke extensively on the importance of listening, not simply for the purpose of responding, but rather for the purpose of understanding. He further advised students to relax, because people feel more comfortable and more confident with relaxed individuals. Leaders thrive in their ability to be patient and understanding. Mr. Stewart not only gave students invaluable career advice, but encouraged students to prioritize family and relationships.

 That is to say, students, faculty, and staff learned a great deal from Mr. Stewart during the event, and it is clear that his vision and commitment to GSD&M will continue to take the agency to even greater heights.

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