VIP Distinguished Speaker Series: John Donahoe from eBay

Partnering with the Department of Computer Science, the McCombs School of Business and the VIP Distinguished Speaker Series recently welcomed the President and CEO of eBay, Inc., John Donahoe. Throughout the event, Mr. Do

nahoe touched on topics such as leadership and teamwork, in addition to speaking about his challenges and successes as President and CEO of eBay, Inc. He discussed the purpose of leaders and their importance in empowering individuals to be innovative and impactful in their respective organizations. Mr. Donahoe further advised students to learn from their everyday 

interactions and prioritize the team over personal advancement.

One of eBay’s past interns commented:
It was very obvious, throughout the speaker series, that John Donahoe is very passionate about the company and its products. He is also surprisingly relatable and seems very down-to-earth. I particularly enjoyed his chat about his first job and learning from his mistakes.

Students, faculty, staff, and eBay professionals received invaluable advice at this VIP Speaker event, as Mr. Donahoe encouraged students to take risks and work hard. In reflecting on who he most admired, he talked about his father and

his ability to treat those he encountered the same – whether he was speaking to the CEO of a large company or a parking attendant. Mr. Donahoe demonstrated this very same humility and approachability throughout the entire day. This was a VIP event for the books, and we look forward to the rest of the year!

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