VIP: Ken Hicks

The CEO of Foot Locker, Inc. , Ken Hicks participated in the VIP Distinguished Speaker Series, this October, providing students with life lessons and invaluable advice. During a Q&A with Dean Hirst and students, Mr. Hicks discussed the skills he developed in the military, consulting, and retail. He advised students to step outside of their comfort zones and learn about subjects they weren’t necessarily majoring in. While he learned how to lead in the military, he learned how to solve problems in consulting. The diversity in his experiences prepared him for the position he now has as CEO and President of Foot Locker, Inc.

Throughout the event, Mr. Hicks continually gave advice, at one point telling the audience to always “be honest, think, and try their hardest.” The committee particularly enjoyed speaking with Mr. Hicks during the pre-meeting, where his passion for Foot Locker, Inc. and many visions for the company demonstrated how invested he is in his people. His approachability and commitment to continually improving the organization reflects a great deal about his leadership and character. This first VIP event was such an inspiration, and the committee looks forward to a year filled with conversations with some of the top leaders in business!

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