Faculty Research Presentation: Daniel Hamermesh

On October 15, Dr. Daniel Hamermesh from the Economics department was featured for a Faculty Research Presentation hosted by the Faculty Relations Committee, the Undergraduate Business Council, and the Liberal Arts Council. Dr. Hamermesh addressed questions about how people spend their time when they are not working.

Dr. Hamermesh opened his presentation by stating that time is mankind’s scarcest resource, so he was interested in seeing how people across the world spend this valuable commodity. He categorized how people spend their time into five groups: doing paid work, doing unpaid work that a person could pay someone else to do for them (like cooking or cleaning), doing unpaid work that must be done yourself (like bathing), doing activities for personal enjoyment, and sleeping time. He then compared these categories across genders and countries. He noted that Americans on average spend a much greater amount of time working than people in other countries, and touched on the topic of workaholics. At the end of the presentation, Dr. Hamermesh urged the audience to view time as a scarce resource, and to adjust how we spend our time accordingly.

The Faculty Relations Committee thanks Dr. Hamermesh and appreciates the professors that share their research, thus giving students a chance to see the fantastic endeavors taking place right here in McCombs. Make sure to keep an eye out for publicity regarding the next Faculty Research Presentation! You won’t want to miss a great opportunity to learn something new.

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