BBA Legacy Campaign

BBA Legacy. Our Legacy Belongs To Us. What am I even talking about?

Luckily the BBA Legacy Committee is here to fill you in! The BBA Legacy Campaign was held from March 25th– April 5th, which is an annual undergraduate giving campaign with a multitude of goals including improving undergraduate services, raise rankings, as well as improve the culture of giving.

Many students are able to receive so much from McCombs including comradeship from being a part of a MASO to gaining connections with world-renowned employers leading to future internships or post-graduation careers. Although, students often forget that this experience is not one that comes without funding. Many are even under the conception that McCombs is entitled to a lot of oil endowment as well as state funding. Although, these are true and do exist, the amount of funds that comes from them is very minimal.

The goal of this year’s campaign however was not the amount of the endowment fund but rather participation of the undergraduate population here at McCombs. Earlier in the year Red McCombs had asked for 100 % participation. And with the events the two Legacy weeks had to offer, many students were able to get involved.

Kicking off the campaign begun with Party in the Atrium, which was a gathering of free food, merchandise, as well as a large cake to celebrate being a student at McCombs as well as giving back. It was such a great site to see so many students filling the atrium enjoying each other’s company outside of classes.  The second event, Pie a Prez or Prof occurred on the next Monday the 1st, allowing students to come out and pie some of their favorite professors, MASO presidents, as well as Dean Allert and Dean Platt!

The closing event of the campaign was the Lunch with Red McCombs where Red McCombs himself came to enjoy a catered barbeque lunch with donors to speak to them about why giving was so important to him and to tell students to encourage their peers to donate and build their legacy for their next couple years at McCombs as well as those who will follow in their footsteps.

The BBA Legacy Campaign ended on April 5th as a huge success and quadrupled last years participation rate with an overall 25 %! Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s BBA Legacy campaign a success and we hope to see you next year!

-BBA Legacy Committee 

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