BA 101 Town Hall

 On March 20th, students and career advisors were involved in a discussion on the state of BA 101, and future developments in the curriculum. Among the guest speakers were Dean Platt, Velma Arney, and Monica Thompson, in addition to other BA 101 instructors. The town hall began with a brief history of BA 101, followed by current course objectives and positive employer feedback on how McCombs students are generally well equipped during the recruiting process. One employer was quoted, ““If I find the right person and they’re from McCombs, I’d love to have them. For me, I’m looking for a cultural fit. I know they are going to be prep ared if they come from McCombs.” Finally, the discussion closed with the direction BA 101 was headed, with the possible addition of a BA 102 course introduced. The new course would include case studies, recruiting tips, excel skills, and any other supplemental topics business students want to see in the topic.

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