Faculty Research Presentation: Stephanie Jue

On March 5th, Dr. Stephanie Jue from the BGS department was featured for the Faculty Research Presentation  (FRP) hosted by the Faculty Relations Committee and the Undergraduate Business Council. Dr. Jue presented her interesting and unique research that she conducted as part of her thesis for her law degree.

Dr. Jue’s presentation gave a detailed overview of the different attempts that have been made to place an economic value on elements of nature. Dr. Jue did an excellent job of both explaining what methods could possibly used to value such things and the difficulties involved in the actual valuation process. Specific examples from the presentation included looking at the monetary worth of the arctic polar bear, the honey bee, and the wolves of Yellowstone National Park. Overall, Dr. Jue did an excellent job of highlighting a unique way individuals can view their responsibility to the environment.

The Faculty Relations Committee thanks Dr. Jue and appreciates the professors that share their research in order to better inform students of the fantastic endeavors of the very people that make our futures in the work force more valuable. Make sure to keep an eye out on those fabulous McCombs bulletin boards for information about the next FRP! You won’t want to miss the opportunity.

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