Faculty Research Presentation: Luke Winslow of the Management Department

On October 2nd, Dr. Luke Winslow shared his personal and original research with UT students. Over 170 students and staff came to hear Dr. Winslow speak about “Love and Labor on Television”. His engaging and interesting research outlined the representation of labor in the popular CBS reality television program Undercover Boss. In this show, the CEOs of major companies go undercover to work alongside their lowliest employees. In the process, the executives are introduced to the people whose dedication and skill are integral to the company’s success. 
Dr. Winslow’s research was unique in that it analyzed aspects of the television program and the depiction of its characters. He discussed how Undercover Boss essentially transformed workers into neoliberal laborers and executives into idealized representations of the American Dream. 
Morgan Lundy, the Faculty Relations Chair, commented more on Winslow’s presentation. “Dr. Winslow’s research was very interesting because he identified stereotypes within Undercover Boss and related them to the rest of the world. He talked about the implications of these superficial representations, and how they are potentially deepening class divisions. He was very interactive and engaging, and it was a great opportunity to hear him present.”

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