VIP Distinguished Speaker Series: Dan Hesse

The CEO of Sprint, Dan Hesse, spoke to the students on September 27th as part of the VIP Distinguished Speaker Series. Dean of the McCombs School of Business, Tom Gilligan, interviewed Mr. Hesse about the kind of leadership needed to run a large corporation. Mr. Hesse, who has been coined as “Turn Around CEO of the Year”, spoke about how he has doubled Sprint’s stock this year and received highest ratings in customer satisfaction.

The VIP Distinguished Speaker Series Chair, Jay Shah, noted Mr. Hesse’s distinct leadership style:

“Mr. Hesse spoke a lot about the importance of writing, something that has not been mentioned previously in the program. For someone who started his career cleaning sewers, Mr. Hesse has accomplished a lot and attributes much of his success to his writing ability. The event was particularly successful because so many students are Sprint loyal customers/fans themselves and the Q&A segment was a lively discussion. It was humbling to host such an accomplished individual in our program and have him on campus”.

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