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Happy Spring Break!

McCombs Mac Users

Although many students like to use Macs, the business school cannot provide support for them.  In addition to the student Mac users, there are a number of Faculty and Staff that use a Mac for their home or work computing needs. If we count all the iTunes and iPhone users we start to include almost everyone.

So, I wanted to post a group of Help links for all things Apple.

Apple Resources:

Apple Main Site

Apple Support


Mac101 (a must for anyone new to Macs)

And the very hard to find Apple Support telephone number: (800) 275-2273

On Campus Resources:

University of Texas ITS Help Desk – Phone: (512) 475-9400

The Media Lab for audio/visual media projects. Located in UTC building, room 1.110.

The FAC labs have Macs that all University of Texas students can use.


Recently, we’ve had some questions about Photoshop.  While Adobe Photoshop is a great and very in depth graphic design and image editing program, inevitably questions about it receive the “Photoshop is not part of the McCombs Common Operating Environment” response. However, there are a number of places McCombs students, faculty, and staff can go for help with their Photoshop needs. 

The only lab in the Business School complex with Photoshop installed is the Multimedia Lab. The Media Lab does provide assistance with editing graphics, videos, and audio. Media Lab website

The UT School of Information has a Photoshop introduction: UT School of Info also has great step-by-step easy to follow tutorials: Tutorials

If you’d like to watch some videos on how to use the many, many features of Adobe Photoshop you can search for “Photoshop Tutorials” on There are some great videos there, but you may have to do some searching to find one for a specific subject.

A Breakdown of Four Different Web Sites

Now that we have the Most up and running, the Training Team now contributes to four web sites.  We have our own Training Team site, we now have our blog – the Most, we contribute to the McCombs Tech Wiki, and we post handouts on a SharePoint site.  Many of you may be thinking, what web site should I go to for help?  Well, it depends on what you are looking for.

The Training Team’s Web Site
Information about the Training Team and about Microsoft Office such as:
• Training schedule and RSVP links
• Class descriptions
• Online classes
• Microsoft Office information and videos
• CPT Review
• Links to information about McCombs tech facilities and resources

McCombs Tech Wiki
Computer Services posts information about McCombs Technology Resources and setup instructions here, including:
• Information about your McCombs Technology Resources such as:
• Outlook Setup
• Email on Mobile Devices
• My Site
• Student Printing
• Certificate Error on Mobile Device
• How Graduation affects Tech Resources

the MOST
Fun and helpful information about Microsoft Office and your McCombs Technology Resources.  You’re reading it right now.

A password protected web site where the Training Team posts:
• Class Handouts
• Class PowerPoint Presentations

Login to the Training Team’s SharePoint site is limited to McCombs students, faculty, and staff.
Username:  mccombs\your mccombs account
Password:  the normal password you use to check your McCombs email or log in to a McCombs computer
Note – the \ is above the Enter key on most English keyboards

Finding and downloading files:
1. Click on the Classes link on the left.
2. Click on the words All Documents on the right.
3. From the drop down list, select the class you would like to find handouts for.
4. Rick click on the name of a document and select Save Target As.
5. Navigate to the place on your computer where you would like to save it and click Save.