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Death by PowerPoint

It’s been some time since we talked about PowerPoint on the MOST. We’ve all seen many PowerPoint presentations and though there are a myriad of techniques and styles there is one underlying problem: how to avoid losing your audience by misusing the software, better known as “Death by PowerPoint.” This short video made by Alexie […]

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FREE Blog Platforms

It seems like almost everyone has a blog these days – my bank, my newspaper, even my mom. Most of the popular blog platforms are free or have free versions for use. Many people want to know which one to use to start a blog. Which is the easiest one to use? Which one can […]

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“Tips and Tricks in Outlook 2007” Career Webinar Today

How much time do you spend using Outlook 2007? Learn helpful tips and tricks to leverage the features in Outlook 2007, manage your mailbox more effectively and reduce the amount of time spent processing your email. Brought to you by the McCombs Alumni Network, our own Ben Bond presents today from 12:00 – 1:00pm. Join […]

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Happy Holidays

Training Team would like to wish you happy holidays! While you are away, don’t forget to check your McCombs email.  If you are away from your personal computer, you can check it through Outlook Web Access (sign in with your McCombs username and password). ITS will be working over the break and they have a Stay Connected checklist for […]

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Help with Excel Functions

It’s been well over a year since we put up any help posts for people learning Excel functions. I’d like to put up a reminder of all the posts we’ve done in the past and give a current list of online Excel function learning options. Excel Learning Posts: Learn Excel Functions Five Excel Formulas and […]

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