How often do you get copied on an email conversation that you do not care about?  And then everyone keeps hitting “Reply All”, flooding your Inbox with unnecessary email.  Outlook 2010 offers you a quick one-click solution.  First, make sure that one of the emails in that conversation is selected in your Inbox.  Then, on the Home tab, click the Ignore button.  See the screenshots below.  In the pop up window, click on the Ignore Conversation button.  This moves current and future email messages from the selected conversation to the Deleted Items folder.


Screenshot of Outlook 2010's Ignore button

Outlook 2010’s Ignore button

Screenshot of Outlook 2010's Ignore button, in condensed view

Outlook 2010’s Ignore button, condensed view

If you want to stop ignoring a conversation, a message from that conversation must still be in the Deleted Items folder.  Select the message by single-clicking on it, and then press the Ignore button.  In the pop up window, click on Stop Ignoring Conversation.  This conversation is moved back to your Inbox, and all future messages in the conversation will be delivered to the Inbox.

Let me offer a word of caution.  If the subject line is too general, ignoring the conversation may catch more email than you want.  For example, I ignored a conversation with the subject line “Outlook 2010″, and Outlook considers email messages from a year ago with the same subject line as part of the conversation.  Therefore, it moved those year-old messages to the Deleted Items folder.  The Ignore feature works best with more specific subject lines.  Also, you should check the Deleted Items folder regularly to ensure this feature does not unintentionally move email messages.