Have you ever wanted to insert a screenshot in your PowerPoint presentation?  PowerPoint 2010 offers a new Screenshot feature making it easy to do!  Just follow these quick steps.

  1. In the application holding the desired screen to be shot, scroll to the appropriate point in the website or file with the exact portion in your screenshot.
  2. Immediately go to PowerPoint without opening other applications, files, or websites.
  3. If necessary, create a new slide in PowerPoint.
  4. Go to the Insert tab, and click on the Screenshot button.
  5. In the Available Windows gallery, clicking on the preview of the correct application automatically inserts the screenshot on the slide.  If you want less than the full screen, click on the Screen Clipping option at the bottom of the window.  This allows you to select just a portion of the window.Image of the Insert Screenshot option in PowerPoint 2010.
  6. PowerPoint minimizes and shows you the application window.  The mouse cursor changes to a crosshair.
  7. Click the cursor in the upper-left corner of your desired screenshot.
  8. Holding down the left mouse button, drag the cursor to the bottom-right corner of the area.  Once you release the mouse button, PowerPoint inserts the screenshot in the slide.

If you did not get the correct screenshot, simply delete the inserted image, and start over.

Resizing – Resize the screenshot by selecting the image (by single-clicking on it) and moving the circular handles on the corners of the image.

Cropping – If there is too much whitespace around your image, you can crop off the extra space.

  1. With the image selected, click on the Format tab.
  2. Click the top half of the Crop button.
  3. Drag the black bars located around the edge of the image inwards.  This decreases the canvas size.  If you go too far, simply drag the black bars outwards.
  4. When are done, click the top half of the Crop button again to make the black bars disappear.