In the PC dominated business world, many of you will want to run Windows on your Mac. All new Macs come with Boot Camp installation software in the Utility folder. Boot Camp allows you to partition your hard drive to run Mac OS on one part and Windows on the other.  

You’ll need your Mac OS installation disc and a version of Windows (XP 32-bit, Vista, or Windows 7) to install. I would advise you read through the Apple instruction guide and watch a video on how to do do this you before you start. The following links should give you all the help and instruction you’ll need to run Windows on your Mac.

Apple Links:

Boot Camp Support Page

Boot Camp Installation Guide (PDF)

Boot Camp FAQs

Apple Store Locator

And the very hard to find Apple Support telephone number: (800) 275-2273


You’ll need another computer if you want to watch the step-by-step videos while you are running the Boot Camp installation on your Mac. There are several good videos on YouTube, just try searching Boot Camp.

YouTube video: Window 7 on Boot Camp


If you’d rather have help with this you could take your installation discs and you Mac back to the the Apple store. The Mac Geniuses (they wear the colorful shirts) that work at the store will not install software on your machine for you, but they will be glad to “observe” and give a little guidance when needed. Sometimes a little hand holding is helpful and you’ll be in the right place if something goes wrong.