Texas Venture Labs (TVL) MBA Scholarship Competition Winners

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What is the Texas Venture Labs, TVL MBA Scholarship Competition?

The TVL MBA Scholarship Competition, a competitive scholarship awarded annually from Texas Venture Labs, includes*:

  • $20,000 scholarship
  • Consideration for admission of your company into the TVL Accelerator upon graduation
  • Consideration for a post-graduate position as a Venture Partner worth $50,000
  • Continued support from Texas Venture Labs throughout the development of your company
  • * These reflect awards at the time of post.  Please check the annual competition website rules for updates or additions to these awards.

Semifinalists are selected to travel to Austin to compete in a pitch competition. Even if you only have an idea and no actual product, you are still encouraged to participate.

More information on all of our programs can be found on the TVL website or tvl.utexas.edu .  Registering for the TVL Newsletter, as well as, social media will keep you informed about events at Texas Venture Labs!  We look forward to being the catalyst in your next journey.

TVL MBA Scholarship Competition Winners

2017 – First Place Winners

(L-R) Angelise Hadley and Tom Jackson

  • Angelis Hadley – EmbraceBox, a DIY subscription box geared towards girls with curly or textured hair. Each month, curly hair girls receive a box of ingredients and a recipe to create and store their own hair products with the help of a parent or guardian.
  • Tom Jackson – Locus Tracking, a company that has developed software that enables smartphone users to control their phone with their eyes.

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2016 – 1st Place Winners

(L-R) Josh Berrington and William Wilder

  • Josh BerringtonQ’ello, a plant-based milk that is completely traceable and delivered right to your door.  Q’ello has end-to-end traceability of sourcing and ingredients with an app and direct-to-consumer delivery system.
  • William WilderWilder Systems supplies automated tools to the aerospace industry that improve productivity and quality, seamlessly integrating into existing factory product lines.

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2015 – 1st Place Winners

(L-R) Omar Garza and Tenaj Ferguson

  • Tenaj FergusonLady Epicure Gourmet, a natural food brand dedicated to creating quality food products inspired by local and global influences. Ferguson also received the competition’s Best Presenter award.
  • Omar GarzaYouRefund, a mobile application designed to make it cheaper and easier for foreign shoppers to recover their Texas sales tax, while also helping identify and avoid tax fraud.

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2014 – 1st Place Winners
  • Justin Key, Plot.Guru a mobile application that makes watching television more interactive. It allows viewers to compete with each other through real-time games and trivia while watching their favorite shows. Plot Guru is played alongside streaming TV – it syncs with the show being viewed, sending users game content relevant to what’s happening on-screen.
  • Jon Sherr, Insight, is creating context aware interactions with between physical retailers and their customers. Using bluetooth beacons, Insights will provide retailers with proximity marketing and retail analytics in an easy to digest and understand fashion.

2013 – 1st Place Winners

Sally Yoon


  • Courtney Leffall’ of Dallas – GrillMobile, a rack that’s designed to hold a grill in a pick-up truck bed for easy tailgating.
  • Sally Yoon of Cincinnati – Night Owl Market, a late-night marketplace featuring food trucks, food booths, artisans, and live music.

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