Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs

Fall 2019 Accelerator Cohort

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Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs (JBTVL) is proud to welcome these promising companies into our Fall 2019 Accelerator cohort. Please take a moment to explore this wonderful group of innovative Austin startups spanning healthcare, technology, consumer, and business services. Our JBTVL Practicum students hit the ground running on Monday, September 9 to work with these companies in preparation for the JBTVL Venture Expo on November 21!


Elite Sweets was founded by UT Austin student athletes who want to change the way people think about sweets. They are redefining sweet treats, starting with donuts that provide actual nutrition and are protein-packed, gluten-free, keto-friendly, low-sugar and low-carb. (More Info)


EPX is a highly social business network built to be the center of gravity for the world’s greatest achievers, explorers and entrepreneurs. They can network with like-minded peers while accelerating business success and experiencing the world’s greatest adventures. (More Info)


MDM Wound Ventures, LLC, develops and manufactures innovative and disruptive product for wound care facilities and providers to improve patient outcomes and decrease costs.  (More Info)


Pink Science has a custom formulated body lotion that supplies micro-nutrients through the skin into the blood system. These transdermal products are absorbed more effectively and are designed to affect areas of the body away from the site of application, unlike most topical products.



Pocket Innovations aims to solve a common complication that results from implant procedures for pacemaker, defibrillator, ICD, or Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) devices, known as the pocket hematoma. Their creative solution, the PocketPro, can help prevent the formation of these costly hematomas. (More Info)


RelayiQ uses machine learning to directly deliver key business insights from existing dashboards while prescribing custom tailored actions to the right people at the right time in the right way, turning dashboard fatigue into data-driven actions and measurable business results. (More Info)


Roper’s solar-powered, long-range GPS ear-tag for beef cattle empowers ranchers with a novel, data-driven technology that boosts herd productivity, promotes ecologically sound grazing, maximizes animal health and welfare, and reduces labor and losses. (More Info)


Steamm Espresso is the world’s first authentic Ready-To-Drink bottled espresso beverage. Packing two shots of espresso per bottle, their indulgent concoction is a healthier alternative to synthetic caffeine or drive through coffee and crafted for anyone new to enjoying espresso drinks. (More Info)


Tradiies is the premier resource for beauty professionals to find jobs, candidates and hands-on education, using a B2B LinkedIn-style platform to radically improve on existing industry options. (More Info)



Troposphere helps oil and gas companies avoid natural gas leaks and radically lowers the cost of real-time leak detection with breakthrough methane sensors which are installed on upstream oil and gas sites to “sniff” for methane in the air and send alerts when levels are high. (More Info)


Viviota enables engineering teams to manage, analyze and share sensor data generated in the design and development of advanced vehicles and devices before they go into manufacturing. Their customers improve product quality, reduce time to market, and free up engineering resources. (More Info)


Yotta’s mission is to simplify energy storage, reduce costs and help lead the world’s transition to clean renewable energy by building an innovative behind-the-solar-panel energy storage solution with passive temperature regulation. (More Info)

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